Shivangini Bhartia,Alok bhartia,Alpana Bhartia,Alok bhartia Chairman

Young entrepreneurs and innovators are suddenly popping up by the dozen across the nation. This was not the case 15 years ago. Among them is Shivangini Bhartia, the young director of Dakshin Foundry. If you look closely at the example she has set, it won’t be so hard to comprehend why the young are jousting in a lane where seasoned players fight. Ever since she forayed into the Indian market with her innovative ideas, has accomplished a lot. One of her achievements is her namesake company: Shivangini Properties Private Limited.

One of the main reasons young stalwarts are making it to the top of the business chain is because they barely have anything to lose. However, in the case of Shivangini Bhartia, it’s her father’s support and motivation that platforms her. Her father, Alok Bhartia, is an established businessman and the proud owner of Dakshin Foundry Private Limited. Alok Bhartia also owns three more ventures, one of which is a well-known jute business. Shivangini learnt a great deal of tenacity and business strategies from her father. Her young trained mind helps her make fresh decisions. Young entrepreneurs often devise out-of-the-box solutions to solve business problems.

The best asset of a young company director is a liberal and philanthropic mindset. Young entrepreneurs make a lot of generous donations and work towards the betterment of Mother Nature. With the help of her mother, Alpana Bhartia, Shivangini Bhartia is making a positive impact on the environment, especially animals. Shivangini Bhartia still has a few tricks of the trade to learn and time will teach it to her. But to stay at the top, she has to follow the golden rule of plan-review-repeat. This three-fold rule is not just useful in the professional sphere, but personal too.


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