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Thousands of people were stranded in offices and cars due to excessive rains in Mumbai. Flights were disrupted and track waterlogged in view of the massive Mumbai rain clouds that bogged trains leaving several injured in the accident. Dabbawallas, which constitute an integral part of Mumbai’s lifeline are also being forced to sit at home.

The top monsoon driving tips to help you get home safely from Mumbai rains

1. The first and foremost driving tips revolve around the old saying, “prevention is better than cure”. Try to stay away from getting behind wheels unless there is an immediate need. Avoid leisure and mild driving till the weather gets back to normalcy.

2. Do not underestimate puddle. Avoid driving through the water as it usually hides dips in the road that are the major causes of accidents in Mumbai rains. There could also be chances that there is no road at all under water. The ground underneath is washed away by heavy rain in Mumbai.

3. If you come across a water logged road, ensure that you drive in the middle of water is shallowest here. Furthermore, drivers should pass one at a time on the road.

4. Usually, small city cars get afloat in water deep as one foot. Considering the worst case scenario when it happens, wheels lose the group resulting in the loss of control over the car.

5. Mostly cars are swept away by water deeper than 1 to 1.5 feet. Thus, care must be taken not to drive through fast moving water.

6. Do not ride on alarming speeds for depths as meager as 15 cm. High speed jeopardizes your life as well as others. Low speed should be maintained for better control across waterlogged patches.

7. You should be well aware of the air intakes placed on the car during rain in Mumbai. In case the air intake seeps in water, chances are that the car could stall. In case anything of this sort happens, attempts must not be made to restart the car for it will worsen the situation.

8. Utilize the second and first gear and drive slowly to prevent large waves in water as they might wash back to the engine. Slipping the clutch and revving the engine can be a great aid in keeping exhaust clear and engine running.

9. Try to dry the brakes after driving. Drive slowly and apply brakes to let water out. Check if everything is back to normal and in good shape after Mumbai rains.


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