The people of China are looking to learn the English language rapidly. Sadly, the situation looks too undeveloped. Only around 2% of the total Chinese population can speak English fluently. Most of the connoisseurs can be found around tourist spots, where foreigners require English-speaking guides. It’s basically the young ones that are English-literate and can help you with the directions if you’re lost in a Chinese city.

This abrupt need is the result of rapid globalization and the realization that the Red Dragon can only grow if it invites hordes of foreign investors. Chinese industries rely on translators to bridge the communicational gap. According to economists, if it wishes to proliferate and diversify its economy, China has to coach the professionals in English and create an environment where the English language is deemed important for one’s career.

It’s employability that is influencing the education sector and the parents. Suddenly, a lot of Chinese businesses need skilled individuals who are fluent in English. Business experts explain that China needs to master the English language if it wishes to be a huge business hub. Communication is considered the lifeline of commerce and it is imperative that the Chinese learn seamless communication to interact with international clients.

Luckily, Chinese parents have comprehended that the future is at stake. Now they want to see their children talk fluently in English without the hard Chinese accents. It’s the reason why they’re hiring online English tutors from English-speaking countries to educate their children. In fact, the tuitions are not limited to virtual classes. Some companies, like Haida HR China, are recruiting foreign teacher interested in teaching English at Chinese educational centers.

Following Haida HR’s suit are human resource companies ReachtoTeach, Hudson China, Footprints Recruiting, EnglishFirst, etc. Most of these companies attract ESL (English as a second language) teachers with attractive salaries and a high standard of living. In fact, more and more ESL teachers are funneling into China as the opportunities and their weight in a resume are increasing.

English is now important to get into a good college for Chinese students. It helps them score better on other exams and get a high-paying job. A Shanghai-based college-goer adds that English is also important to differentiate propaganda from fact. The media and internet in China are controlled by the government. By learning English and accessing foreign media sources, the people can know the real affairs of China.

There’s a fair share of ‘patriots’ who do not want the Chinese languages dying in the process. Yet, they also want to see their country become a superpower. Development shown in the economy due to progressive policies in foreign trade and exports prove why the sudden shift is necessary.


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