Revisiting higher education – Jaro Education and Sanjay Salunkhe’s work

With higher education forming its own dominant eco-system, there is an urgent need to address the needs, queries and the wants of the Indian youth

Education is amongst the fastest growing sectors in India – an often repeated claim and at the moment, quite clichéd. However, with abundant investments gracing the sector, the stakeholders of the industry would look to create new opportunities in new fields, all the while bridging the gap between what the industry wants and what institutes could provide. On that front, there have been a few pioneers in the industry – spearheading the industry with radical changes and pursuing unconventional albeit rewarding systems.

Sanjay Salunkhe, Ceo of Jaro Education

Off of those pioneers, there is one man changing the scope of higher education with his own lucid approach. Sanjay Salunkhe, a first-generation entrepreneur, and an education pioneer looks to integrate Indian education with international standards. Apart from Jaro Education, Dr. Sanjay has also established an Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) to provide a more comprehensive run for education, of different streams and disciplines.

With a doctorate degree holder in ‘Change Management and its Impact on Achieving Business Results’, Salunkhe offers his experience as an MBA to create an engaging eco-system for students and top management universities. Sanjay Salunkhe started his career with a nationalized bank, the post which he worked with companies, including Tata Steel and Lupin Ltd. After the completion of his MBA, Sanjay Salunkhe worked in India and the USA for about 10 years.

Analyzing the need of education amongst working professionals, he wanted to bring about a change in the way people perceived education. His far-sightedness for MBA gave him an idea of the market, after which he devised a strategy about educating people by slowly connecting the dots.

In December 1999, after obtaining experience in different managerial aspects, he took his first step to entrepreneurship and founded Net Technologies Pvt Ltd. A recruitment company, it was featured amongst the ‘Top 10 Executive Search Companies in India’ in no time.

The company also has a different segment, Jaro Institute of Technology Management and Research Pvt Ltd is the institute registered under the brand name Jaro Education, and offers multiple options in management and technology programs to working professionals – each of whose courses are facilitated online from reputed colleges and universities.


The company guides students about the institutes they should opt for according to the management programs they choose. It believes in responding accurately to the needs of the industry and the student community. It has ties with both national and international universities. Jaro Education also ensures that the courses are made according to working professionals.

As Jaro Education’s CEO, Sanjay Salunkhe has created a strong presence for his company. Since its inception, more than 1 lakh students have enrolled and obtained their postgraduate/DLP by various reputed colleges, institutes, and universities, thus creating a sound eco-system of management students, each in their different courses and streams.

For his business acumen and his exceptional service to the industry, Sanjay Salunkhe has also been awarded the ‘Best Management Faculty Award’ and ‘Award for Excellence in Developing Young Managers and Entrepreneurs’ by Bombay Management Association. As a member of the Bombay Management Association, Indo-American Society, and other management forums, his contribution to the sector is bound to create a precedent for the management education industry in India.



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