Subrata Roy Sahara Ambay Valley

An idea conceptualized in the 90s, Aamby Valley has been a symbol of grandeur. It only came under the public eye recently, when Subrata Roy visited the sprawling hill city on its return to the Sahara-fold. More than Subrata Roy, the locals were excited as Aamby Valley has been a source of their bread and butter and a contributor to the development of the local villages.

More than 10 villages have gained from its development. Ambavane, one of the villages near Aamby Valley city, flourished the most. The project employed mostly youngsters from this village, helping them rise from poverty. One of the village elders, Mahesh Sonawane, jokes, “Half pant wala, full pant hogaya” (‘youngsters that once wore shorts, now wear trousers’), referring to the sudden hiring of the mostly unemployed youngsters.

One of the employees, who is still in service, a horticulture supervisor, explains how his earning rose from Rs 600 to Rs 20,000. Sahara was welcomed in Aamby Valley because it took special care of the surrounding ecological balance. The heavy development did not disturb the local flora and fauna.

This city takes up 10,600 acres of the hilly terrain. It’s designed by the renowned architect, Bobby Mukherji, whose influence can be seen through the occasional archways and clement structures. Furthermore, there are three huge man-made lakes to beautify the vicinity and they also enable water sports.

Aamby Valley boasts a world-class infrastructure, complete with a private airport and a water aerodrome to connect better with the rest of the country. The 3-tier security and uninterrupted power supply render the feeling of warmth and well-being.

There’s a lot more to be done with this magnificent monument. It’s still an Eden is progress. In a recent video, Subrata Roy said, “Aamby Valley City takes the honor of being the first planned hill city in India, after its independence. Now that we have it back, we’ll reiterate our resolve to make Aamby Valley City the world’s most complete and beautiful city.”


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