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SINGAPORE: Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding has invested in Singapore-based XRVision – a leading facial recognition and video analytics company. The company is led by globally renowned experts who previously headed large groups at Micr­­osoft, Intel and Avaya.

To represent Boundary Holding in its investment in Singapore, founder Rajat Khare has joined the Board of XRVision. The company would be helping XRVision to enter new markets.

Boundary Holding aims to leverage XRVision’s growing market potential and the high growth of Facial Recognition and Video content analytics market. “We value the potential of XRVision’s AI-based technology in recognizing faces, whilst extracting actionable data to maintain public order, and its ability to expand into various industries to assure safety,” stated Rajat Khare, the founder of Boundary Holding.

XRVision is reimagining security by leveraging cutting-edge Computer Vision & IoT patented technologies coupled with deep domain expertise to address some of the biggest security challenges, which governments and enterprises currently face, specifically (1) securing large number of Stationary & Movable Assets using an always-connected and highly secured IoT Access Control solution and (2) performing Facial Recognition in fully uncontrolled, crowded and in-motion environments at the industry highest accuracy rate.

About Boundary Holding

Boundary Holding is a progressive technology fund that promotes entrepreneurship and invests in early stage/seed stage startups across IOT, Algorithmic trading, Artificial Intelligence and Big data Analytics. Founded by Rajat Khare, the company has a network of startup programs around the world, across different organizations all over the world.

The company aims to fund companies that seek to build sustainable and profitable value propositions right from their inception, led by passionate and driven founders.

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  1. I am not fan of Artificial Intelligence as it is snatching away jobs from people and bringing unemployment but As Startups are getting finding from big investors like Rajat Khare, TNF Ventures and others, it is very difficult to ignore these technology advancement. I just want to share my opinion that humans are still needed to solve complex problems with emotional intelligence.

  2. I am always fascinated towards Artificial Intelligence, but I am really amazed that a lot of Investors such as NUS, TNF Ventures & Rajat Khare’s Boundary Holding are eyeing the future and in full plan to capture AI Market. I am also a believer that Facial Recognition has a huge scope in security sector.

  3. I was not aware that facial recognition has such a huge market that Startups like XRVision are getting fund from Investors like TNF Ventures and Rajat Khare.


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