Lung Kr anti pollution capsules

In an attempt to fight pollution, and the respiratory problems caused by it, Dalmia Healthcare has come up with an anti-pollution capsule known as Lung KR.

A panacea for all lung-related issues, Lung KR helps in soothing airways that get irritated with pollution. It also helps in easing chest and respiratory congestion, reducing the pollution damage to the lungs.

At a time when pollution is at its worst, the oxygen contains harmful pollutants that are dangerous for our respiratory health. We are exposed to diseases like asthma, respiratory tract infections, shortness of breath, etc. This is where Dalmia Healthcare’s Lung KR comes handy to keep our lungs strong and fight pollution.

Air pollution is not something new for the Indian people, especially the ones living in metropolitan cities. In the last few years, it has engulfed many parts of the country with the air quality falling from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’ category for several days.

The Air Quality Index recorded by the Central Pollution Control Board is not encouraging this year either. The Metrological department has cautioned about the weather conditions becoming more adverse, especially in the NCR region.

It is a very crucial time, when every person, especially the kids and the old, are vulnerable to many diseases. In some cases, the diseases can prove to be lot more dangerous than we assume. According to a report of World Health Organization, around 2 million premature deaths take place every year due to the exposure to polluted air.

In the past, authorities have launched quite a few initiative to combat with the air pollution. But, the effect of pollution has only gone from bad to worse. Currently, it is equivalent to smoking more than two packs of cigarettes every day.

At this juncture, Lung KR from Dalmia Healthcare comes as a much needed relief to all. You will no longer need to think, before taking a sigh of relief.


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