Zedpack continues to focus on shopping bags as demands soar high

Non-woven bag manufacturers have seen a surge in the demand for shopping bags for the past few years. With better technologies, which have made non-woven bags more attractive, many retailers are opting for non-woven bags over plastic ones.

Zedpack, which has been a pioneer in producing reusable non woven bags in India, is a witness to this rise in demand. This shopping bag manufacturer, which has been in the markets since the last two decades, is focusing on the sale of non-woven shopping bags as the demand is set to increase in the coming years.

Why retailers seek non-woven bags

One of the most noteworthy problems non-woven bags are helping resolve is that plastic bags in all forms are perceived as a disposable material. This contributes to the development of a ‘throw away’ culture amongst Indian consumers. The thicker non-woven bags are more durable and have been considered by brand managers as a better alternative to creating brand recall.

For most brands, it hampered their efforts of positioning themselves better in the market.  “The problem that brands face is that the circulation of the brand identity was limited till the doorstep. People usually don’t think about reusing a plastic bag, and that’s a lot of wastage of the design efforts,” a spokesperson from Zedpack said.

With growing awareness of recycled bags being a cost-effective alternative to other reusable options, non-woven bags are sought by most brands in the market. Following this demand, Zedpack, over the years, has improved designs and prints on shopping bags by presenting high quality embossed shimmer, quilted, and regular prints on non-woven bags for retailers. The team of in-house designers at Zedpack has been able to develop more than 500 design options in shopping bags. It has helped retailers from various industries immensely.

Apart from shopping bags for the retail market, Zedpack also aims to continue the expansion of its non-woven bag operations for basmati rice manufacturers and other agriculture companies.


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