WORBLI, a block chain infrastructure for a substantial financial system, predicts blockchain to dominate the market in 2019. With immense acceptance the technology received in 2018, several companies are venturing out to invest in the hummed digital name.

WORBLI is an Anti-Money Laundering, and Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) platform aided by a scalable base layer protocol (EOS). The firm will be drafting a layout of global expansion with the perks of crypto and/or block chain technology.

Viewing it as a leverage to drive the business forward, WORBLI captures an advantage over block chain protocols. With its verified user base, companies can align their growth, and transition infrastructure to WORBLI, waving off the legal and technical hindrances, with undisclosed transactional counterparties. The challenge is to reduce the cost of trust, and to protect against suspicious meddling.

The other side of the coin- blockchain challenges

Understanding modern ledgers through blockchain, the technology is undoubtedly spurring, has however received backlash. Many projects have suffered due to poor treasury management, and lack of understanding about compliance. Still in its nascent stage, the technology is facing technical, commercial and regulatory challenges. However, the challenges and issues are expected to be addressed overtime.

Viewing it as a catalyst of change, WORBLI plans to channelize blockchain into an opportunity to fundamentally transform the way it works. Having the best infrastructure, and minds in the EOS community, network security is investing its confidence in WORBLI chain.

“In 2018, the hype cycle peaked and waned around most Blockchain Technology projects without the know-how to deliver and some clear winners are emerging, delivering value and gaining users. WORBLI is happy to stand among the winners; building our team and relationships with a global network of blockchain development companies and working on applications that will empower our base of verified global users,” Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI said. “WORBLI has added top talent and we recently started to recruit for a dozen roles in Tech, HR, Operations and Marketing. We’re also partnered with top blockchain development companies and in 2019, The WORBLI Foundation and our partners will roll out applications that will reduce financial system friction and drive blockchain adoption.”

WORBLI- Interblockchain partnership

With an aim to revolutionize the industries, WORBLI has recently partnered with interblockchain. “Our partnership with Interblockchain will be the precursor to many revolutionary capabilities of blockchain technology and put it into the hands of everyday people,” the firm said in an official statement.

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