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SKYBAND and Leo Satellite’s unison is expected to revolutionize data networking

LeoSat Enterprises, a Washington-based company has leveraged satellite communication technologies to develop a constellation of 108 unique low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. It is expected to provide the fastest, most protected, and widest coverage data network throughout the globe. It has recently come into unison with SKYBAND, a leading communication service provider in Saudi Arabia.

In view of the recent collaboration, LeoSat’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ronald van der Breggen, said “Global Enterprises today require instant infrastructure from anywhere to everywhere which is fast, secure, and reliable. So LeoSat is taking data networking into space, setting a new bar for high speed data connectivity. With capabilities beyond satellite and fiber, including transmission speeds of 10+ gigabits per second and latency of 20 milliseconds, LeoSat’s infrastructure is what data communications has been waiting for a game-changing service which realizes the synergies of both worlds to re-define connectivity in terms of capacity, latency, security, efficiency and coverage. For companies such as SKYBAND looking to provide innovative connectivity solutions, LeoSat can help to open-up new markets and deliver business growth.

With an objective to provide a radical data communication network, SKYBAND and LeoSat will execute in the following ways:

  • Skyband will access LeoSat’s technology to optimize its existing satellite solutions, giving customers a low-latency network, and stronger end-to-end security
  • This will be achieved through a distinctive system architecture operating on optical inter-satellite laser links which connect satellites, providing connectivity at gigabyte speed.
  • This unique new network will open doors of opportunities for various business sectors including Information Technology, telecommunications, oil, and gas, government sector, etc.

LeoSat is backed by the support of major network satellite operators including Thales Alenia Space, a pioneering name in designing, and manufacturing low earth orbit constellations. The idea is to create an optical support system in space which is expected to be 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones. The company has acquired over 1.5 Billion USD in its pre-launch phase, and has been green flagged by a FCC license for running its operations.

About LeoSat Enterprises

LeoSat Enterprises was established in 2013 by Cliff Anders (Chairman) and Phil Marlar (Chief Operating Officer), to optimize satellite communications technology. The company is in process to develop a new low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation providing a superior, rapid and protected data network.

Source: Business Wire.


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