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World Health Tobacco Theme 2019

Aligned with the World Health Organization’s theme of ‘Tobacco and Lung Health’ for World No-Tobacco Day 2019, Nayati Healthcare has launched a social media campaign, #PledgeForFamily, to spread awareness about the health hazards associated with tobacco consumption. Targeting the social media users across the country, Nayati’s campaign aims at helping the willing people quit their prolonged tobacco addiction.

Nayati Healthcare #PledgeForFamily Campaign

According to data from World Health Organization, tobacco kills one person every four seconds,. One of the most dangerous addictions, tobacco has been responsible for extreme suffering and life threatening diseases like Lung Cancer, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, etc. What’s more? While eight million annual deaths are caused by tobacco, passive smoking or second-hand exposure has led to nearly one million deaths.

nayati healthcare

Since its inception, Nayati Healthcare has been a constant voice behind the promotion of a tobacco-free world with their efforts in multiple directions featuring health camps, free doctor consultations, discounted tests, etc. The hospital aspires to contribute towards saving the lives of people by creating awareness about the health hazards of tobacco consumption.

World No-Tobacco Day sheds light on the adverse impact of tobacco on health along with the need for effective policies in the country that can help in reducing tobacco consumption. But, more than that, it aims at increasing the awareness about tobacco’s long-term impact in an individual’s life.

Specialist From Nayati Healthcare

Emphasizing upon its need, Dr (Prof) Santanu Chaudhuri, Chairman – Centre for Oncology at Nayati Medicity, Mathura, said, “Uttar Pradesh and the neighbouring places have the highest incidence of cancer in the country and to address this challenge in a comprehensive yet humane manner we established a well-equipped Cancer Centre in November 2017. In the last 5 years, through our outreach program we have reached out to 11 lakh community members across Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, of which close to 3 lakh were screened for cancer of which 12% were found to have early stage cancer or pre-malignant conditions, in the head and neck diseases alone, it was seen that those who were addicted to either tobacco chewing or tobacco smoking about 33% of the patients had Submucous Fibrosis (SMF) and trismus. To cater to the rising cancer cases we decided to set up the most advanced state-of-the-art facility for cancer care at Mathura. An end- to- end cancer centre where preventive care to advanced diagnostics to treatment with the best in class technology for the right radiation dose in shortest possible time, advanced surgery, Chemotherapy and PET-CT Scan was set up for managing the cancer cases thereby addressing the challenges faced by the patients.”

#PledgeForFamily campaign highlights the commonly ignored impact of tobacco consumption on the lives of an individual’s loved ones.

Dr Vipul Sharma Specialist  Nayati Healthcare

Explaining about the theme, Dr Vipul Mishra, Head of Department, Critical Care and Pulmonology, at Nayati Healthcare, said, “Smoking imposes an enormous burden on individuals, families and communities, thereby causing numerous health problems in children as well as peers, including asthma attacks, respiratory infections, ear infections, learning difficulties and sudden infant death syndrome. It is an established cause of heart disease and various types of cancer. Most of the people smoke when they are at work and thus every organisation should take active steps to tackle tobacco and provide support to stop smoking through a comprehensive quit smoking program. Smoking restrictions at home and in public places will not only help to reduce the overall level of smoking, but also increase the quit rate among adults. ”

As these efforts reverberate among the people of the country, it is expected that the #PledgeForFamily campaign would be able to help people re-evaluate their choice of tobacco consumption and take a step forward towards a healthier and better lifestyle.

Message From Nayati Healthcare on World No Tobacco Day


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