Industry 4.0 , ACSG Group

With a focus on futuristic technologies, ACSG Corp looks to enhance quality tech automation solutions for upcoming crucial projects.

With the rise of the latest digital industrial technology, Industry 4.0, there has been a phase of transformation all through. It has enabled one to collect and analyse data across machines for a faster, more efficient & flexible process at reduced costs. There are a handful of established tech security companies like ACSG Corp, in particular that are not only assisting in the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution but also innovating advanced solutions for its progression. Industry 4.0 is all about establishing a strong connect amongst computer systems to be able to communicate smartly and take decisions without human intervention

Industry 4.0 primarily revolves around IoT, cloud, AI and ML in their upgraded future versions apart from giving a thrust to other futuristic technologies. One established entity, working closely in collaboration with several businesses and Govt. entities for its enhanced application in India is ACSG Corp, a Delhi-based critical infrastructure security firm. The company has been contributing through its tech automation offerings and thus far, has aligned with numerous prestigious Govt. agencies. It offers them customized solutions by manufacturing specific technologies related to automation and data analytics.

Recently, ACSG Corp collaborated with another prominent Govt. body, engaged in enhancing productivity in varied sectors such as energy, power, IT, manufacturing etc. and allied international sectors. Essentially, it’s a mission-oriented apex organization to promote the cause of productivity in all these sectors of Indian economy, established as an autonomous, multipartite, non-profit organization by Govt. of India in 1958.

Commenting on this association, Pankaj Kumar, President, ACSG Corp, said “We are privileged to facilitate quality tech automation solutions for such esteemed Govt. projects. Our selected core tech team for this six-month long collaboration will run a pre-defined web-program for the Govt. body. It will include the development of comprehensive web-portals along with their mobile platforms and other service inclusions.”Given the rising importance and wide acceptance of Industry 4.0, more Govt. institutions are increasingly adopting tech automation for all crucial projects at hand.



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