India’s leading tech AI platform, Sulekha undertook a study for expert services has unveiled interesting outcomes about how Indians love spending on their homes, especially during the festive season. The study revealed that during the festive season, the home-related services increase by 160%. October, November and December are the most active months for small business in India.

The study is based on searches and visits by around 35,000 consumers across Indian cities. These consumers landed on Sulekha during the last festive season like Eid, Dussehra, Onam, Durga Puja, Diwali and Christmas. The results can indicate what will happen in the upcoming festive season.

Significant findings of the study:

  • Over 165% growth of Painting services during the festive season in comparison to a regular period.
  • Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are keen on painting services during the festive season. The requests from these states alone grow over 270% during the festive season.
  • Pest control services grow by 163% by costumers in anticipation of guests.
  • Searches for modular kitchen services increase by 132%.
  • Consumers get their lawns landscaped; landscaping service request grows over 160%.

Over 110% growth in other allied services such as Architecture, Art & décor, Home blinds dealers, and Sofa cloth dealers during the festive season.

Founder and CEO of Sulekha, Satya Prabhakar said, “This study shows the continued importance of the festive season for Indians and how it can positively impact small businesses through increased service requests during this time. By going digital, small businesses can well leverage the festival season.”

About Sulekha:

Sulekha is a digital mobile platform for expert services in India, matching 20+ million consumers with 50,000+ service professionals across 200 categories in about 40 cities. Sulekha focuses on expert services clustered around Home, Life and Self and where the user need is customized and involved. Using technology and domain intelligence, the platform seeks to understand the user needs in detail and matches it to verified service professionals who are profiled. The service is free-to-use for end consumers, and service professionals pay the platform for performance in the form of authenticated, matched service requests.


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