AMRI Hospital Cardiac Care

AMRI Hospitals recently conducted a successful paediatric cardiac surgery on a 12-day-old baby from the Andamans. The surgery was performed keeping in mind the condition of the infant, who was prone to the risk of a severe cardiac condition that could have resulted in a life-threatening situation.

The hospital took the parents of the baby into pre-operative consulting and provided necessary diagnostic and screening tests before the scheduled surgery. The case was considered critical due to the major cardiac complications. The baby was born with inverted heart chambers, a rare congenital condition.

AMRI Hospital Cardiac Care

The unusual case was treated by the team of experts at AMRI Hospitals, Dhakuria. The surgery, which was complicated and required a lot of precision, turned out successfully, with no additional post-surgery complications experienced by the newborn.

Assisting with monitoring and medical needs of the infant, AMRI Hospitals provided 24X7 dedicated primary and secondary care professionals. The hospital’s special paediatric cardiac care experts prioritized the newborn’s long-term health. With success of the surgery, AMRI Hospitals has made yet another advancement in establishing surgical brilliance in South-East Asia.

Talking about the success of the surgery, a spokesperson of the hospital said, “As soon as the infant arrived from the Andamans, we made immediate arrangements to move forward with medical correctional measures, to aim for a more effective treatment followed by a faster recovery,” he said.

Further talking about the status of the newborn, he added, “Considering the health consequences the child was suffering due to congenital cardiac condition, the hospital’s medical team made a collaborative decision along with consent from the infant’s parents to operate on the child as early as possible, and avoid any damage to his development.”

AMRI Hospitals achieved another milestone by successfully performing the critical surgery, and thus proving the credibility of its dedicated cardiac-care unit in providing appropriate and timely cardiac assistance that precludes any chances of severe conditions.


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