Press release

While some people believe that press releases are outdated and have died, it is certainly not the case. You can get still get your press release considerable attention through a compelling hook. The difficult task of writing a press release is thinking about the topic. Below are ten ideas on the press release topics, based on which you can probably issue a press release and can get considerable attention:

  1. When you are launching your Start-up

Rather than focusing on the actual launch, focus more on what your start-up is all about, how it started and the story behind it. People are interested in knowing about the motivation behind the start-up than the mundane traditional information.

  1. When your start-up/business achieves major milestones

You should announce your significant achievements, but make sure what you are announcing is ‘significant’. For instance, your start-up just sold 100,000 pieces of product that you manufacture through an online shopping website.

  1. When your start-up received funding

Receiving investment is always a newsworthy thing; make sure you share your recent funding accomplishments in detail. This will attract bloggers, journalists and business/start-up/finance websites, which might bring in more investors.

  1. When your brand participated in a community event

Your brand’s participation in community event will not only attract people but will also bring their support to your business.

  1. When you are speaking at an event

Whenever you are speaking at seminars, conferences and trade shows, make sure you issue a press release about the event. This will give leverage to the expertise you possess in the field you do business in.

  1. When updating existing or launching a new product

Issuing a press release while launching a new product or updating an existing product. It will let journalists and bloggers review your product, increasing your public outreach. Ending up in increased consumer search for your product.

  1. While forming partnerships or acquisitions

While partnering or acquiring or being acquired are considered as strategies to beat the odds that a start-up will survive.

  1. While releasing a report or study

One of the best strategies to get into the light is by releasing your report or study. People like data, but they don’t one to create one. Hence your data is going to shared by a large number of people automatically.

  1. While hiring for a significant position

When you hired an executive for the position of CEO or any other top spot in your company, put out a press release about it. Hiring an executive with significant experience will add an incentive to the credibility of your organization

  1. Using current news

You can issue a press release if some big headline is affecting your business. When people will search for certain keywords related to the story, you are going to get more reads on your press release.



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