Wynyard ACA, a pioneer in high-consequence analytics software is aiming to scale its services through expanding its AI based critical infrastructure operations by 2020.

The Group which was placed into voluntary administration on 25 October 2016, was subsequently liquidated on 8 February 2017.  The company has, since then, experienced stable growth through its expansion plans into the Asian market, along with the entire workforce. Wynyard aims to capitalize the immense market potential the region proposes. Previously headquartered in CA, Wynyard ACA has now shifted its location to Hong Kong, along with parlaying existing employees’ capabilities to run the new unit.

The company’s well-established new business strategy gives it the potential to enter into new markets, and tap into significant opportunities. Wynyard ACA credits its existing team for their tremendous cooperation in moving forward with its expansion vision. To maintain the seamless flow of service delivery, all existing as well as new customers using the Wynyard Advanced Analytics products will be providing continual support and long-term product roadmap.

The firm is not only reviving its current operations but also establishing itself as a market leader through expanding its array of product services. The products in-line include Video analytics, Audio recognition and Analytics, Instant visualization and Analytics, Smart search Engines, and Osint which will help achieve the company’s underlying focus of germinating an active ‘system integration’, where all the components and applications operate seamlessly.

These platforms help deploy an integrated critical infrastructure system that supports smarter and agile decisions, respond faster to potential emergencies, and improve efficiency while keeping people and enterprises safe at all times.

 About Wynyard ACA

Wynyard ACA is a powerful investigative analytics solution essential for intelligence and investigations teams in law enforcement and government agencies to prevent and solve crime faster by rapidly revealing actionable intelligence hidden in data. Deployed at organizations around the world, Wynyard ACA is powerful in providing comprehensive safety management ecosystem.


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