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On Wednesday, Campus Labs announced to swell up its partnership with a non-profit research organisation- IDEA Education. The organisation is dedicated to bringing improvement in student learning in higher education.

Through this transaction, IDEA will be able to continue providing the student ratings of instruction (SRI) instrument. SRI is an instrument of educational standard built on more than 45 years of research.

Both the companies have been working together for years with Campus Labs serving IDEA as its technical partner to implement the SRI on campuses since 2014.

Eric Reich, co-founder and president of Campus Labs, stated, “With this further integration between IDEA and Campus Labs, we are simultaneously strengthening the position of Campus Labs as the industry leader in this space, while also enabling our member institutions to use the most advanced, tested methods to improve teaching effectiveness.”

He also added that “This expansion of capabilities will allow institutions and faculty to gain a deeper understanding of their students—and a greater ability to support them.”

Other services that Campus Labs will provide to IDEA will be Leadership Feedback Systems and Academic Advising Assessment.

IDEA will increase its non-profit mission for supporting higher education practitioners through grants. IDEA focuses on improvement in the processes of learning and teaching through avid research and faculty development.

About Campus Labs

Formed to empower educational institutions, Campus Labs works in the direction of evolving a data-centric world. The company provides an integrated tool that drives an institutional mindset for insightful data connections. We provide solutions for services such as assessment, retention and success, skills and achievement, student engagement, teaching and learning, and institutional effectiveness. We proudly serve more than 1,400 member campuses. For more information, log on to!

About IDEA Education 

Established in 1975, we are a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving student learning in higher education. Over 40 years of experience, we are one of the leading organisations that are working in the direction of making a positive, sustainable impact on teaching and learning in higher education. Learn more about IDEA Education at for more information!


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