Wynyard group

The increasing reliance on technology has made it imperative to secure all aspects of online and offline data. Cyber security and risk analysis have become the lifelines of the organisations managing crucial information and data.

Majority of the organisations are under a constant threat from a multitude of sources. Apparently, the stakes are higher as we live in a data-driven and digital era. Thus, contemplating the need of the hour, there are several firms offering effective data security and analytics solutions.

Initially established in New-Zealand, Wynyard Group is a cyber-security analytics company that has introduced innovative elevation in Cyber-security technology offering protection against all sorts of malware. Later, it operated from across a few more regions but under the new management and industry experts. Under their aegis, it has been able to successfully hold a strong grip worldwide but specifically across pan Asia.

Wynyard Group aims to shield the digital space of large turnkey projects through its innovative strategies and methodologies. The firm offers powerful and effective solutions for cyber security analytics, which are essential for safeguarding the critical data of organizations. Wynyard Group is not only reviving its current operations but also establishing itself as one of the industry leaders through expanding its range of products and services across the globe.

What makes Wynyard Group unique from other organisations is the deployment of manpower and delivery of services to the crucial sectors in order to maintain the privacy and offer hands-on experience. Additionally, its unique and high-quality voice analytics is under the patenting process which is a great achievement in itself. Not only pre-designed technology, a team of cyber experts with years of experience also designs customized software and services as per the needs of specific projects.

The company’s latest cyber security tools help in preventing cyber-attacks. They are installed along with security analytics solutions to detect the algorithms of hackers and understand user behaviour data. Managing the global cyber analytics activities, Wynyard Group aims to eliminate all chances of data leakage or theft by offering specifically designed secured communication solutions.


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