ACSG Corp leverages Deep Learning to design customised analytics tools for the Critical Infrastructure Sectors

The quantum of data generated, stalls the performance of traditional machine learning methods on a standstill, calling for enhanced reinforcement learning models such as deep learning – capable of training large neural networks.

Building Deep Learning Neural Networks in Critical Infrastructure (CI):

The process of Deep Learning such as classification, detection & localisation and segmentation helps the organisations function well without any human intervention, which machine learning couldn’t offer. However, its impact on Critical Infrastructure goes beyond that.

With distinct advantages & cloud deployment opportunities, deep learning models also have become the primary choice for high-performance applications and tasks. It is for these reasons, the technology is being rapidly adopted by multiple organizations & sectors across the world.

Leading the way in India – ACSG Corp leverages Deep Learning to design customized protection tools for the Critical Infrastructure Sectors in the country. With deep learning neural networks, the analytics tool secures the edge by prioritizing assets and up to date inventory.

The ability of Deep neural networks to automate and optimize processes helps ACSG Corp, a Critical Infrastructure Protection Company, evolve an analytics tool which gives accurate, swift, frictionless and real-time insights, when in use at the Critical sites to overcome the challenges.

However, it is understood that no two sectors or organizations would have the same requirement, thus, it is essential to comprehend them beforehand. ACSG Corp first prioritizes objectives and then manufactures software which is highly customized and encrypted with the data provided by the concerned sector or organization.

The customized analytics tool sieves through the abyss of information, and provides crucial insights for safeguarding safety systems, networks and other vital assets in the Indian Critical Infrastructure Sector.

Recently, a report “Deep Learning: Opportunities and Best Practice” by Peltarion illustrated that deep learning is overtaking more classic ML methods. Therefore, to keep Indian Critical Infrastructure Sector in pace with the first world countries, ACSG Corp has been harnessing the power of deep learning to offer meaningful insights –more seamless, real-time & frictionless.


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