Despite more than seven decades of independence, villages and small towns of India remain way underdeveloped than the considerably growing urban and metropolitan regions. Be it the basic infrastructure or primary healthcare facilities, the hinterlands of the country suffer from an acute shortage of resources.

However, some compassionate souls have time and again come forward to uplift the meagre medical infrastructure in these regions. One of such name is Niira Radia, Founder, Chairperson and Founder of Nayati Healthcare.

Radia’s medical care venture understands the plight of the people residing in hinterlands of the country. Carefully choosing the location to cover a large number of people, Niira Radia established Western Uttar Pradesh’s multi super speciality hospital, Nayati Medicity in Mathura, followed by Nayati Hospital in Agra. Operating with a ‘hub and spoke’ model, Niira Radia’s healthcare venture keeps true to its motto of making quality medical care accessible to all. The last mile connectivity into the remote villages is ensured by its fleet of mobile medical units manned by a team of doctors and paramedics.


A similar compassionate gesture can be seen in the efforts of Dr Rani and Abhay Bhang. The doctor couple was very moved by the neglected healthcare for women and children in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. To help these people, they first formed the Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH).

A survey conducted by the society made some shocking revelations. A whopping 92 per cent of women in Gadchiroli suffered from various gynecological problems, primarily STDs. Since the villagers lacked proper sex education, teenage pregnancies were on the rise. In addition to this, the child mortality rate was extremely high, owing to the increased occurrence of pneumonia in children.

Following the principle of evolutionary revolution, Dr Rani and Abhay Bang established a hospital and rehabilitation centre, Shodhgram, in Gadchiroli. Modelled after the structure of a tribal village, the campus included a research centre, a pharmacy, an alcohol addiction centre, a kitchen and a dining hall.

It is the efforts of people like Niira Radia, Dr Rani and Abhay Bang which have brought spotlight to the healthcare needs of people residing in the rural India. While some other initiatives have followed the lead, the contribution made by Nayati Healthcare and Shodhgram remains indispensable.


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