Ajit Doval
Indias National Security Advisor Ajit Doval listens during the first meeting of national security secretaries of Afghanistan, China, Iran, India and Russia, in the Iranian capital Tehran.

From India’s Superspy to becoming NSA: Ajit Doval’s most successful operations

The name is Doval, Ajit Doval. Ever since the Narendra Modi-led government appointed former IB chief Ajit Doval as the National Security Advisor (NSA), numerous facts about the Indian spy operations have been unfolding. From the 1968 batch, Doval is an IPS officer of the Kerala cadre, who has been actively involved in anti-insurgency operations across numerous states like Mizoram, Punjab and Kashmir.

  1. Mission Zone – Pakistan

Ajit Doval for 7 years in Pakistan

Very little people know that Doval worked undercover disguised as a Muslim for 7 years in Pakistan with a fake profile. After his stint as an undercover agent, he worked at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

  1. ‘Operation Jackboot’- Jammu & Kashmir

Operation Jackboot ajit doval-min

NSA Ajit Doval’s brainchild eliminated Hizbul Mujahideen chief Riyaz Naikoo aka Bin Qasim who was rated as an ‘A++’ category terrorist or most-wanted militant. ‘Operation Jackboot’ was activated to hunt down the terrorists who propagated anti-India sentiments to destabilise peace in the Kashmir Valley that was supervised personally by NSA Doval.

  1. Operation Black Thunder – Golden Temple, Amritsar

Operation Black Thunder ajit doval operation

In Punjab, militancy was at its peak in the late 1980s and Golden Temple was besieged by militants. To counter this, Doval endangered his life and went beyond the call of duty, jumping into the jaws of death. He entered the Golden Temple as a Pakistani agent and obtained vital intelligence which crippled the core of militant organization.

  1. Mission Zone – North East

Mission Zone North East Ajit Doval

Ajit Kumar Doval went undercover and won over 6 of 7 commanders of the MNA (Mizo National Army) when Mizo National Front was uprising to establish a separate sovereign state of Mizos. During his next assignment in North East, at Sikkim, he again went undercover to facilitate the merger of Sikkim in India as it was a highly secretive mission, with much details not made available.

Apart from these, there are many more operations in which he played a pivotal role. He was awarded Kirti Chakra, one of the highest gallantry awards, for his exceptional contribution towards national security.



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