Sahara india paid 3226 crore to over 10 lakh members during the lockdown

Recently, Sahara Star resumed the operations in full-swing following all the safety measures and announced their new partnership with PREFME, a  leading-edge hospitality technology company. With this, Sahara India Pariwar has taken another step towards adopting newer technology for their hotel.

With this app, the guests can pre-check-in from any corner of the world to avoid check-in queues and after arrival, they would just be required to verify their identities through a fast & secure digital ID verification process.

The collaboration of Subrata Roy Sahara-led hotel with PREFME has enhanced its safety to the next level. During the hard times of pandemic when social distancing is mandatory, the app will provide a completely contactless and personalized experience for guests at the hotel.  They can also make a hassle-free checkout by viewing their services and making payments through this app.

For the guests hailing from different parts of the world, PREFME provides a multilingual chat feature along with in-app service booking, in-app food menu & ordering, food ingredients scanner and many other benefits.

Manish Sodhi, CEO of Hotel Sahara Star, expressed his gratitude over this association and said that following all the terms of COVID-19, the company is happy to collaborate with PREFME to give a safe and the best hoteling experience to the guests and their staff.

Sahara Star ensures that all guests have a completely relaxed stay, and they can easily access the hotel in a contactless manner via smartphone. The PREFME technology would be a great tool amid COVID times for the guests and hospitality industry. It enriches the staying experience with the power of personalization, he added.

Sahara Group is one of the biggest Indian conglomerates and recently it was in the headlines as it paid 3,226 crore to over 10 lakh members during the lockdown.

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