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Some people are born with an intellect to thrive even on uncharted paths, while others are required to strive harder to make their mark. However, an individual is never defined by how he starts the race, but it is all about ending the marathon on the right side. The story of Naveen Jindal is no different, as the industrialist was born with a silver spoon. It was a matter of time before he came through the ranks to become a common name in the business world of the country.

Having said that, Naveen never took success for granted or laid back on the cushion offered by his roots. Although he had everything one could desire for, Naveen always stood on his toes, rather than hanging back on his heels or waiting for things to happen. He was a bright student during his school days at Delhi Public School, located on the Mathura Road, New Delhi. The youngest child of late O.P Jindal, Naveen got his MBA degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1992.

After coming back to India as a young and determined individual, Naveen Jindal began managing his father’s political affairs. In 2004, he contested elections from Kurukshetra and won by a whopping 1.6 lakh votes, before repeating the feat in 2009. It was only a matter of time before he translated his leadership skills in the family business to pick up the baton after his father’s demise. Naveen Jindal became the new face of Jindal Steel and Power Limited, leading the business operations as the Chairman of the firm.

However, Naveen Jindal was never going to be content, as he aimed to realize his vision to not just attain the business goals, but take the legacy of JSPL forward. He made sure that the company sailed through the tide in testing times and thrived during a favorable period. The industrialist batted for innovation and enhancing the capabilities of his firm to make JSPL one of the most preferred steel manufacturers in the country. The company’s unique product portfolio is capable of meeting the surging demand of steel in various sectors across the country.

Under the able leadership of Naveen Jindal, JSPL introduced the world’s largest 121-meter long rails in the country and became the first company to manufacture head hardened rails for high-speed trains and metros in India. He is known for his ability to foresee the changes in the sector and take the appropriate decisions in the nick of time to stay ahead of the competitors all along.

Today, Naveen Jindal is not just a renowned industrialist, but arguably the most sought-after person in the world of steel business. A great story of determination and zeal, the entrepreneurial affair of this industrialist was always going to be a successful one. It was all about setting new benchmarks without banking on the success of his peers to create his own legacy.

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