Biography of Ashok Chaturvedi: Founder of UFlex and Flexible Packaging Industry

Packaging can transform a company into a brand with its ability to make the product shine in the eyes of consumers. Apart from ‘the looks’, it is responsible to preserve the item before consumption while ensuring mass production. This blend of science and art is possible because of flexible packaging and no conversation about the industry is complete without a mention of Ashok Chaturvedi – Chairman and Managing Director of UFlex and the Father of Flexible Packaging Industry in India.


Ashok Chaturvedi completed his Diploma in Food Sector Technology Management from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands after post-graduating in Master of Arts in Political Science from Lucknow University.

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UFlex in 1983

His passion towards sustainable and flexible packaging led to the inception of UFlex as a small manufacturing unit in 1983. Ashok Chaturvedi combined his global industry knowledge with local product issues in India and became the pioneer of flexible packaging in the country. Almost 40 years later, UFlex Ltd is hailed as India’s largest flexible packaging solution conglomerate with 9 green field plants in USA, Dubai, Egypt, Mexico, and Poland along with product presence in 130 countries.

3Q Ideology

Ashok Chaturvedi credits the success of UFlex to his ideology of Quality, Quantity, and Quickness. From Nestle to AgroFoods, his aim to deliver high quality and trendy packaging in short durations has made him an industry veteran. Furthermore, his core ideology is largely supported through innovation as Chaturvedi, even after four decades of UFlex, continues to make headlines with patent acquisitions for chemical processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and other industries served by his conglomerate. Recently, UFlex chemicals announced India’s first patent for Epoxy Ester Resin preparation used in paints and adhesives.

Hobbies and philanthropy

Ashok Chaturvedi has been passionate about cricket throughout his life. So much so that he has dedicated a section of UFlex CSR to improving education and sports facilities for underprivileged children in India. Philanthropically, he is constantly exploring new technologies to minimize packaging waste by converting it into fertilizers, manure, or other products.

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