Naveen Jindal

Jindal Realty has made its mark on the back of a strong foundation, i.e. Jindal Group, led by a visionary leader Naveen Jindal.

The real estate industry in India has seen its ups and downs in the last few years. Amidst all the hurdles, sustainable procedure and environment-friendly practices have kept the sector afloat with developers like Jindal Realty leading the charge. As a result, real estate is still one of the most favored sectors for investment.

It is no secret that the importance of gaining competitive advantage cannot be undermined in the real estate business, but that shouldn’t change the focus of organized real estate developers. This is where Jindal Realty has aspired to achieve business excellence and satisfaction of the customers through spirited entrepreneurship, instead of out-and-out promotion. Although innovation is a key aspect of inspiring the change, the company values ethics and standard operations on a higher scale.

Jindal Realty has made its mark in the most volatile sector on the back of a strong foundation, i.e. Jindal Group, led by a visionary leader Naveen Jindal. However, the company also has a dedicated team of architects and engineers, enabling it to come up with large scale projects across the country. Jindal Realty works with a passion to achieve great things and create an impressive project portfolio and a viable customer base.
‘Growth with a social conscience’ has been the modus operandi of Jindal Realty. The company has developed new competence in both commercial, as well as residential real estate, with an aim to expand its presence through constructive steps and a progressive business model. Jindal Realty’s signature project Sonipat Global City in Sector 33 and 35 is a classic example of the same.

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Going forward, it would be interesting to see the response of buyers and investors, as Jindal Realty sets its sight on coming up as the most prolific real estate developer in the country.


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