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Losing hair is never fun, yet it happens to millions of men and women around the world for various reasons; and it can happen to you too. If before, regrowing hair on a bald head was impossible or even a miracle, now, thanks to, this miracle has a name: hair transplantation.

No more problems related to baldness, long live the hair transplant !!!

The main advantage of a hair transplant is that it solves all the physical and especially psychological problems related to baldness . For some or even some, baldness is perceived as a real handicap preventing you from living a normal life, imagine yourself 30 or even 20 years old and already bald !! Indeed, hair loss or androgenetic alopecia in scientific terms, can occur at a very young age.and it has enormous psychological impacts on the person in question. First of all, there is the loss of confidence and self-esteem which causes the person to question the person in matters of romantic relationship. For a man, “flirt” is no longer a verb that he uses in everyday life, just as if he is in a relationship, a question will keep coming back to his head: will she stay with me? ? Then, a psychological but also social consequence linked to baldness is the fear of discrimination in professional life because many believe that baldness is only the manifestation of apparent aging., and as you all know, in the workforce, youth is seen as an advantage for jobs requiring endurance. So put yourself in the shoes of a human resources manager within a company that will select files for a job interview, and you have in front of you two CVs with the same skills (level study, professional experience …) but one of the candidates, in the photo, shows a case of baldness so who will you choose ?? People with baldness aren’t always the first choice because they look older, research shows.

Hair transplant: the most effective solution against baldness

An advantage that deserves to be underlined is that the hair transplant in turkey, compared to the treatments which supposedly stop the loss of the hair , is the most effective which does not directly affect the health except for the few points which we will see later. The two most popular treatments for baldness are Minoxidil and Finasteride . Without going into the boring details , Minoxidil is a solution to apply, they are found in lotions like Regaine ; it stimulates the follicular units to restart the hair cycles. As for Finasteride , these are tablets, it is found in drugs like Propecia , their action targets hormones as well as enzymes causing hair loss. These two products have the drawback of being restrictive because Minoxidil requires an application of twice a day and Finasteride requires taking the drug for an indefinite period.

Hair implantation: not that good !!!

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure , there may be risks and side effects that are worth noting. First of all, in the case of a hair transplant in turkey performed by the strip technique or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), an incision is necessary to take the scalp bench on the hippocratic crown and this will leave a scar , except the visibility of this scar when the person having had a hair transplant opts for a short haircut, the real problem is in the healing of the wound. Indeed, the healing process as well as the healing timemay differ from person to person , if for some it is normal , for others complications may occur; this will strongly depend on the anatomy and physiology of each patient but also on the surgical act in question. It can happen that a serum forms, that is to say an accumulation of body fluid in the scar , or also a hematoma which can cause an infection of the wounds . In addition, we know how the part of the head is very fragile , the risks of hemorrhage are not to be ruled out during the operation itself .

In short, we can say that the hair transplant can have some disadvantages but tell yourself that they are bad for a good


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