Radhika Garg
According to the Rajdarbar Group Director, Radhika Garg, the importance of empathy and building an inclusive culture cannot be undermined to offer equal opportunities to both men and women entrepreneurs.

India is home to many aspiring and passionate women entrepreneurs, who possess the talent, ability and determination to succeed at the top level. While most of them ultimately put a stop to their ambitions, owing to a number of hurdles, others go on to set a great example in front of young students aiming to change the trend.

“The first and foremost thing is self-belief,” quotes Radhika Garg, part of the Board of Directors at Rajdarbar Group. She is one of the few women entrepreneurs, who are always ready to swim against the tide. According to her, women entrepreneurs have a key role to play in today’s world and the journey starts from shunning the fear and envisioning future prospects, instead of giving up.

Having set a new benchmark in a challenging industry like real estate, Garg is not unaware of the problems faced by aspiring women entrepreneurs to carve their own niche. However, she believes in a ‘never say never’ attitude to overcome all the obstacles and achieve the objectives. As per her experience in different sectors, women entrepreneurs are now taking the lead and competing even amidst a volatile market situation, on the back of robust education and industry-specific knowledge.

Radhika Garg has launched several business ventures till date. Being a founder of successful entities like Rajdarbar Capital Ventures to promote entrepreneurship; Global School of Management, having collaboration with 21 international universities, was first of its type, offering international exposure and curriculum to the students; Global School of Animation, was the first of its kind to offer a degree in animation and gaming in India, Indian Youth Card, the foremost company in India offering 360 spend prepaid card for young adults,  etc., she encourages the new generation to focus on taking small, but concrete steps. “I’ve always believed in making informed decisions to take one irreversible step at a time, instead of shooting for the big draw without conviction, proper resources, strategy and know-how.”

After making an impact across different sectors like healthcare, education, information technology, Garg is not perturbed by notions like “business is not a woman’s world”. She believes that competency is the key and a person’s attitude reflects in the path he or she chooses. The only obstacle in the way of women entrepreneurship is either self-doubt or overconfidence, she reiterates. Although women are inherently assumed to be less willing to take risks, the young entrepreneur believes that such observations are skeptical towards women entrepreneurs.

The importance of empathy and building an inclusive culture cannot be undermined, observes Radhika Garg. She is a firm believer that the doors of opportunity are always open for both men and women, it is more about coming out of the comfort zone, than stressing too much on the obstacles.  According to her, being a women entrepreneur gives one a lot of confidence and happiness, especially when one keeps improving and impacting the lives of other people along the way.


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