Adani Godda

The future will bring major changes to the mineral-rich Jharkhand. Adani Godda will open a cement plant and power plant after the completion of Vedanta’s and Hindalco’s projects.

Adani Godda is moving towards self-reliance and providing a wide range of developmental opportunities. Adani Godda has announced that a cement plant will be built in conjunction with the power plant project. After meeting Gautam Adani (chairman of Adani Group), and Nishikant Dubey (MP), the agreement was reached to open a factory.

Dr. Dubey has previously voiced concern about the amount of flyash that builds up during power generation. Adani Godda has stated that the factory model will be built on a sustainable basis. Fly ash will be mixed with limestone in large amounts to create cement that will withstand all obstacles. With an upcoming power plant of 1600 MW capacity based on super-critical technology and cement factory in Godda by the Adani Godda, the region is likely to become a big industrial hub. More opportunities for employment will be available to local residents, which will increase the state’s overall economy.

Dr Nishikant, the MP of Godda announced that approval was given to him for the establishment of a cement plant and a power station in Godda. He expressed hope that this will lead to more successes and prosperity in the future.

Adani Godda, Hindalco and others have been promoting education, healthcare, sustainable livelihood across many remote areas of Jharkhand.

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