Students of AD Singh RJD’s Urmila Pratap Super-30 program felicitated at Chanakya Samman Samaroh 2021 by Step Up Bihar

Held in the planetarium campus on 25th Nov 2021, the program was conducted with an objective of honoring some of the Urmila Pratap Super-30 students backed by AD Singh, RJD member. These students had enrolled in IITs and engineering colleges, before being employed by leading multinational companies.

In a bid to develop the educational paradigm in India’s third-largest populous state, Step Up Bihar Foundation organized ‘Chanakya Samman Samaroh 2021’ in Patna to felicitate successful students of AD Singh RJD-led Super-30. Run by Urmila Singh Foundation under the guidance of AD Singh RJD, Super-30 is a very popular program cum initiative that is responsible for uplifting many unprivileged families by supportive their wards through access to quality education.

Held in the planetarium campus on Thursday, 25th Nov 2021, the program was conducted with an objective of honoring those students of Super-30 who enrolled in IITs and engineering colleges, before being employed by leading multinational companies. These students received handsome packages and great opportunities to work for the best in the business.

Talking about the development, AD Singh RJD, the man behind Super-30, who was also the chief guest of the event said, “This is all due to the hard work of these students, we only gave them a platform through Super-30 initiative of Urmila Singh Foundation. They have achieved these positions by striving for more than 4 years and I’m very proud of them.”

“The idea is always to pick the brightest of the poor so that they can inspire their underpriveleged communities and uplift their own families from poverty,” AD Singh RJD added.

Conducted by Dr. Ravi Kumar and Presided by Pratap Sahu, Chanakya Samman Samaroh 2021 hosted many dignitaries under one roof. One of the speakers stated that Bihar was once considered a pioneer in education and its history is glorious. However, he mentioned the fact that a lot has changed in recent years and the need of the hour is to step up efforts to ensure a bright future for the students of Bihar.

The principal of SS College Jehanabad, Dr Sudhir Kumar Mishra said that when children achieve success and start a new life, the future of Bihar will change itself. He thanked AD Singh RJD member and patron of the Urmila Singh Foundation for pioneering such an important mission.

“Super-30 is a fine initiative, where children are invited for free education and all other expenses are taken care of, as these children belong to poor families,” AD Singh RJD said.

The idea behind Super-30 is to usher in a comprehensive change, which has all but started with the recent success of the students. The speakers reiterated the importance of this program, saying that the initiative will benefit a large part of the society in the coming times, making their lives pleasant and better.

“Bihar has been the land of Vishwa Gurus. Great educationists like Aryabhatta Vatsayayan were born here. His work has been the benchmark. Today, the system of education in Bihar is a bit concerning. Things are changing with time though but it needs to be accelerated,” said AD Singh RJD while talking about the importance of working at grassroot levels within one’s capacity.

“Under the Urmila Singh Foundation, all the children who have succeeded, whether it is in the field of engineering or in the field of medicine, they have achieved this position by working hard. It gives us satisfaction to see our children studying in reputed institutes like IIT Roorkee, PMCH, AIIMS Bhopal, IT Delhi,” AD Singh RJD added.

It must be noted that Super-30 has been the talk of the town for years, especially after its students who belong to the under-privileged families climbed the ladder. The institute has set a rare benchmark with 45 of its students studying in IIT, 34 in NIT, among others.

Their students have had a successful placement track record with a range of Rs 7 lakhs to 40 lakhs. Recently, a student of Super-30 named Vishal Rai was selected by Jaguar Land Rover India Limited on an annual package of Rs 17,85,996. Another student made it to TATA for a package of 15,04,404 p.a, while five others also got received huge offers from top brands like FICO, Info Edge, Delhivery, etc.

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