Meet Indu Yadav, a pioneer makeup artist making name for herself in Delhi’s makeup world

Indu Yadav is a struggle story in truest sense. Struggle and a passion to the craft is the reason for your success, she says.

Ms Indu Yadav says her life is full of the downturns in beginning but way rising upwards.

She says it was really difficult life in her childhood. At that stage you don’t really know what the life is all about and what you’re going to face in the future.

But her entrepreneurial spirit always pushed her to keep on moving forward and maintain a steadfast zeal for making a name in the makeup artistry world. She remarks jokingly that after knowing about the makeup industry, she knew what she wanted to do in her life. She then decided that she will someday be a part of the bigger picture and now she is the lead bridal makeup artist in her own salon in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

With the help of her family and her passion for makeup profession, Ms. Indu

From there she went on to complete further training in beauty techniques from industry experts after which she established a salon in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

The Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Indu Yadav says her salon started modestly, selling bridal makeup and other packages in her initial years. She says she always had a firm belief in herself, that one day or the other she will make it to big names in the industry and now look at her go. She is one of the best bridal makeup artists in Punjabi Bagh and is now very successful. She attributes her success partly on the decision to build her enterprise around the makeup packages.

Initial sales were very good. Ms Indu says she wasn’t surprised by good sales, because she offered niche services of bridal makeup at a fast rate. A time came she was so proficient that she churned out 95 bridal makeups in a day.

The beauty entrepreneur believes that one of the reasons she has been successful is because of a fanatical commitment to her work.

“Nobody can do for my company what I can do for my company… because nobody has that kind of mania, that type of obsession that I have, a fever that I have,” she says. “They never will.”

Never Say Never Attitude is the Key to My Success

According to Indu Yadav, “One should never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations”.

She believes it takes a certain type of self-affirmative and confident mind-set to succeed. “If you accept limiting beliefs, you stop trying. If you never limit yourself, you never stop pushing forward, so you march on and on until you achieve success.”

A vital part of this mentality is the refusal to see failures as setbacks. “Sometimes very great setbacks are actually initiation of a fortunate situation,” she says.

“I’ve never been bogged down by an obstacle. Every obstacle exists to be won over.”

Ms Indu believes this never say never and can-do attitude often comes more naturally to entrepreneurs very high on self-affirmation,

“What women really lack in the ultimate analysis is not the desire to do something,” she says, “but the resilience to keep up that grit and determination.”

Now at the height of her career, she says she has realised it is the only thing that marks entrepreneurs who will succeed from those who will fail.

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