Israel-Hamas War Updates: The New Pages of the Israel and Palestine conflict

Israel and Palestine conflict: Renewed tensions in the Israel-Palestine conflict had led to a full-blown war between the Israeli government and the Palestinian terror group Hamas. On October 7th, 2023, the world woke to the news of the Hama’s arms wing launching a large-scale surprise attack on the Israeli territory. Thousands of rockets were launched into the areas nearing bordering the Gaza Strip, along with coordinated raids by Hamas Militants. This resulted in thousands of casualties, injuries and hostages being taken. A day after, the Israeli government officially declared war upon Hamas and vowed to eliminate them.

Israel and Palestine conflict: Missiles Are Still Being Misfired

Earlier this month, a tragic incident unfolded as a misfired missile struck the Awar Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, claiming the lives of more than 400 citizens and trapping hundreds beneath the rubble.

In yet another bizarre incident, an Egyptian border patrol post was ‘accidentally’ hit by a misfired missile from an IDF tank of the Israeli military. Fortunately, there were no casualties, although a few border patrol officers sustained injuries.

In an official statement, the Israeli army expressed profound regret over the incident. In contrast, the Egyptian army spokesperson reported that some of their soldiers had suffered minor injuries from shell fragments accidentally fired from an Israeli tank.

Both Israeli and Egyptian authorities are conducting investigations. However, according to eyewitnesses cited by Egyptian media, this incident is not expected to disrupt the supply of essential aid to Palestinian citizens.

The Gaza Siege: Netanyahu Announces Ground Invasion To Happen Soon, Warns Palestinians

The latest tensions between the two parties of the Israel-Palestine conflict have reached their deadliest conjunction and have claimed more than 7000 lives. While expressing a strong desire to eliminate Hamas, the Israeli Prime Minister hinted at a ground invasion of the territory of Gaza. On October 26th, the Israeli military stated that they had conducted overnight targeted raids with tanks and infantry in different sites under control by Hamas. The Israeli army was done in preparation for the following stages of combat.

The Failed Peace Maker: UN’s Inability to Resolve Conflicts and Stop Genocide

The United Nations has fallen short of controlling tensions and stopping war escalation on both fronts. This conflict has persisted for decades in the Middle East, and the UN has repeatedly failed to reach a comprehensive and long-lasting resolution. The resolutions aimed at the solution of this problem have been presented a lot of times at the UN, but it is subject to the veto powers of its five permanent members. While addressing the Security Council on October 24th, UN Chief Antonio Guterres condemned the brutal assault on Palestinians and urged both parties to come to a mutual solution. He immediately faced backlash from Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, who demanded his resignation while accusing him of justifying Hamas’s assault. While the UN stays busy in this quarrel, severe questions arise about its powers and purpose.

India Upholds the Value of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Tonnes of Medical Aid and Disaster Relief Packages Sent for the Palestinian Citizens

India has been involved in peacekeeping missions since the 1950s, contributing troops and resources to maintain peace and stability in conflicted zones. Amid the rising death toll of Palestinian citizens and the ongoing crisis in Gaza, India has extended a helping hand by sending over 38 tonnes of relief material, including medical kits and equipment, for Palestinian citizens. This aid was sent via the C-17 transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force to El-Arish airport in Egypt, where it was handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent to be sent to Gaza. While addressing the UN Security Council (UNSC) on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Indian Ambassador stated that we will continue to support the Palestinian people in these challenging times.

The world witnesses a distressing cycle of violence and casualties as the Israel-Palestine conflict rages on. The recent chain of events started with the surprise attack by Hamas to the tragic misfiring of missiles and a possible ground invasion, which all together calls for a peace call. The United Nations’ limitations in taking action in this crisis have become painfully evident. On the other India’s emergency aid to the Palestinian people has presented the principles of Vasudev Kutumbh on the world stage. The quest for a lasting resolution continues while the war rages on.


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