Bharat Club App Review | Play Games & Earn ₹500 In APK

Do you want to earn a side income? This time the side income trend is in boom because online gaming platforms provide a very good place for playing games and winning money.

So here we will come with the Bharat Club application. Bharat club is a leading online gaming platform with one million plus registration. Also, we give you details about Bharat club application.

Why People Choose Bharat Club 

Bharat club has a great advantage for his platform because people share this platform from their word of mouth. This time demand for online gaming increases so fake applications also increase.

But here comes the Bharat club which is best in its gaming experience, customer support, and payout process. These things people like very much.

Download Bharat Club APP 

Here is the full process to download Bharat club application. So you just follow our steps and easily download the app.

  • First, open any of the Chrome browsers (https://bharatclub.life/).
  • Then search for the Bharat club. You get different results, on the top you click it.
  • After entering the website you see the different options they provide.
  • Also you see the proof that they give you payment.
  • Then they describe how to play in the Bharat club application.
  • In the top you see a button that downloads the app. Also, it will pop up to download.
  • Then you click on the download button and it will easily download to your phone.

So that is the simple steps you follow to download the Bharat club application on your phone. But make an eye on it so that you don’t download from other fake sources. Also, if you want then download from your friends link who is playing in Bharat club application.

Bharat Club APP Sign Up Bonus 

It is also the best thing that only provides you the Bharat club application. That is the sign up bonus. Also, other applications provide it but they don’t allow you to play with the sign up bonus.

So here comes the Bharat club, that provides you a sign up bonus upto hundred rupees and also allows you to play with the sign up bonus. It is attracting the people who want to try out the Bharat club application for the first time.

How To Play Color Prediction in Bharat Club 

Playing in Bharat club is a very simple process. You just play the color prediction game very easily. Also if you give the right prediction then your money will ten times.

  • First, when you open the app you see three colors are present.
  • Also with three colors fifteen ball will be prepared in which a number will be written.
  • Then you see a one minute timer will run, this is because you predicted in between one minute then the result will appear.
  • At the bottom side you see which color and number come before time.
  • So first you predicted the color and then predicted the number.
  • If your guess is right then your money will multiply.

So these are the simple steps which you follow and play easily with the application. And you earn a decent side income from this.


Here you are ready to play the Bharat club game. Also the winning ratio is very high. And you just play from your mind and you will have a lot of time.

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