Pressroom Today is a press release submission portal, which covers several categories at a global level. We are a website that updates all the exclusive press releases. The portal offers instant distribution of news and maximises the online presence of various personalities, brands and products. We provide a doorway to the enterprises that want to submit their information to us for a press release. In addition, we are also a source of exclusive news to the journalists and media houses.
Pressroom Today pioneers in offering unmatched services to various establishments, looking for a press release submission. Our services, including Brand Monitoring, Branded Microsites, Instant Content Distribution and Track & Analyse Results are the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of our portal. Several media platforms and journalists have been publishing the news distributed by us.

Our Approach How We Work ?

Step-1 : Press Release Received

Step-2 : Press Release Filtered

Step-3 : Press Release Selected

Step-4 : Press Release Distributed

Step-5 : Press Release Results