Dewas King

On the 54th birth anniversary of his father, Vikram Singh Puar spent the day by engaging in the welfare activities. On November 17, late Tukoji Rao Puar’s birthday, his son served the people his forefathers had worked for.

Late Tukoji Rao was the ninth descendent of the Puar family.  The Dewas king was also a well-known politician of Bhartiya Janta Party. The people of Dewas had a great respect for him. They elected him six times in a row as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh. He spent his life working for the welfare of the masses of Dewas.

As an expression of respect, Vikram Singh inaugurated the day by bowing with the joined hands in front of his father’s photograph. Putting a tilak on the picture, he sought the blessings of father Tukoji Rao.

During the day, he indulged himself in the activities to pay a tribute to his father. He went to an old-age home and distributed fruits and tetra-milk packs to the people living away from their families. He further went to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Dewas and offered fruits to the patients. He wished for their good health as he greeted them individually. Vikram Singh Puar believes that fortune comes to only those who receive the prayers of the people. He also visited Nagada where a health camp was taking place. Reaching out to each person, he gave them fruits and wished for their good health.

The helper of the public is often seen among the common people resolving their grievances. He is mostly found taking part in the welfare activities and the development projects.

The altruist also presented tricycles to the physically-challenged people at Jawahar Chowk. The step made him earn the blessings of the differently-abled people. The people became emotional and prayed for Vikram Singh Puar, with teary eyes.

He also went to serve lunch to the students of Blind Girls School in Dewas. Also, he opened a Gau Shala in Adarsh Nagar to feed the cattle.

The philanthropist is very often seen involved in the social activities. Devoting father’s birthday to the people of Dewas is something that’s worth the appreciation.


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