How Uflex Ltd innovations are revolutionizing the flexible packaging industry?

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Unique approach and innovative solution are the two most important things for a company to stand out in a crowd. The market, be it any industry, acknowledges the ones who bring in a myriad of proposals and products that solve the existing bottlenecks.

Converging our attention to packaging, the 5th largest sector of the Indian economy, there are few problems that hamper the growth and development of the industry.

  • Rising raw material costs
  • Lack of advanced technology
  • Lack of best management and manufacturing processes

Uflex Ltd is one name that has provided the market with one-of-a-kind, environment-friendly solutions that have changed the course of development in the packaging industry, including packaging films and liquid packaging.

With a mission to be at the top of the game in providing flexible packaging solutions to the customers, while maximizing value for all the stakeholders, the packaging giant aims at designing innovative, cost-effective and optimized products that add value to the client’s business.

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A pioneer in the development of environment-friendly packaging products, Uflex Ltd is adding to the industry that is growing at the rate of 22-25 per cent in India, annually. An attractive harbor for investment, it is being backed by mammoth requirements that FMCG and many other industries have.

Innovative flexible packaging products launched by Uflex Ltd:

1. Waterless internet flower packaging

A technological breakthrough that is amongst some of the most popular products in the global flower market, it is based on the principle of active modified atmospheric packaging through Flexfresh, a  special patented polymeric film that increases the shelf-life for fruits, vegetable and flowers.

A 100 percent biodegradable film, it keeps the flowers hydrated during transpiration by creating a closed loop system. The film uses slow respiration for flowers by reducing the amount of oxygen availability, thereby preventing oxidation and dehydration both. Hydrated oxygen keeps the flowers breathing and releasing excess humidity keeps them dry. As the humidity remains, the flowers continue to breathe and remain fresh for days without water.

2. FlexGreen

One of the first few to innovate and provide the market with the ink that offers complete solutions to UV LED sheetfed printers with its inks, coatings and texture systems, ‘FlexGreen’ by Uflex Ltd is helping reduce import dependence. What makes the product unique are its properties, high colour strength and gloss, along with quick curing. Furthermore, it has an excellent ink-water balance, press stability, excellent print quality and low odour. The product’s high strength helps reach the desired ink densities with lesser ink release, providing superior mileage.

Staying true to their environment-friendly practices, the ‘FlexGreen’ brings considerable savings with lower energy consumption, and reduced carbon footprint.

3. Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag

One amongst the Uflex Ltd poducts, is the Easy-Scoop-Lock-Tight Pitcher Bag. A simple yet effective commodity, it dispenses controlled portions of products packed inside.

A handle bolstered on the side gusset makes it easy to use. Further, the bag’s block bottom makes it stand without any support, making the brands on it clearly visible, and adding to the ease of use. Accommodating 3, 5 and 10 kg products and adding to the shelf life, the bags cater to numerous industries, especially rice, sugar, pulses and pet food. A laser perforated easy-to-tear opening fitted with a press-to-close (PTC) zipper, along with the handle, makes these bags effective and reusable.

4. Aseptic holographic tetra packs

Developed by Asepto, one of the Uflex subsidiaries, the holographic packs were specially created by the company for Fresca, one of the juice brands in India. According to Akhil Gupta, MD, Fresca, the new packing will appeal customers when it comes to gifting, and also takes care of the product safety. On the launch of the aseptic holographic pack, he also said, “… the unique striking effects of holographic innovation by Uflex’s brand Asepto has encouraged us to create a fresher approach for consumers, the holography in aseptic packs is a boon to the industry. On the first day of market launch we have been able to bag massive orders for the upcoming festive season.”

Uflex is the first Indian company to manufacture aseptic liquid packaging material. The holographic technique secures the brands using this product from counterfeit issues, assuring quality, integrity, reliability and brand protection.

Since its inception in 1985, Uflex has been working on providing breakthrough solutions that serve the market by eliminating present packaging issues. The company has been awarded for its works many times, over the years.

Following are few awards of them:

  • First prize to waterless internet flower packaging at 7th innovation practitioners summit 2017 by AIMA
  • ‘Make in India’ excellence award
  • Worldstar 2018 award
  • FPA Awards 2018 (gold and silver)
  • Exceed Award 2017 (gold)

What is the vision of Ashok Chaturvedi for future flexible packaging innovations?

The founder of Uflex Group, Ashok Chaturvedi, also known as the father of flexible packaging industry in India is a first generation entrepreneur. Uflex company history began with his vision in 1983, with a small manufacturing unit. With the brand, Uflex Ltd coming to life in 1985, the business now has a turnover of more than $1 billion.

Taking the company on the trajectory of growth, Ashok Chaturvedi’s vision has made the brand a globally recognized one in the packaging industry. The group provides end-to-end flexible solutions together with biaxially oriented packaging films, chemicals, packaging machines, rotogravure printing cylinders and holography.

Along with serving a multitude of clients in these areas, Ashok Chaturvedi works on three promises – the 3 Qs – Quality, Quantity & Quickness. Further, the company maintains their vision of presenting environment friendly solutions that can go a long way and serve both the client and our planet.

Today, apart from its presence in India, the group has nine field plants spread across USA, Poland, Mexico, Egypt and Dubai, and sells its products in nearly 140 countries.

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