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Ashok Chaturvedi - Founder of Uflex LtdAshok Chaturvedi is Founder and chairman/Managing Director of Uflex Ltd with a net worth of  2118.03 Crore in the Year 2018. He is also known as Father of the Flexible Packaging Industry in India & his contribution has been substantial.

The vision of  Ashok Chaturvedi for a better tomorrow:

The far-sightedness and grit of Ashok led to the establishment of India’s largest and fastest-growing flexible packaging company, Uflex Ltd. The brand was swift to mark its name internationally, with a strong workforce of 4,000 multinational employees, working across the four continents, catering to clients spread over 100 different counties.

How is Ashok Chaturvedi doing his bit in building a better tomorrow?

By introducing flexible packaging, Ashok Chaturvedi not only seeded its growth in India, but also delivered its benefits to consumers. Increasing the value of the overall product, Uflex’s packaging came with safety, barrier protection, strength, convenience, and an extended shelf life.

Uflex started in 1985. The company commits to an environmentally smart approach including films like BOPET, BOPP, and CPP; hi-tech packaging, and converting machines and rotogravure cylinders, delivering a variety of value-added materials.

The main objective of Uflex was to supply printed laminations of plastics and paper-based materials to the developing FMCG industry. Their product designs worked towards minimizing waste and cost without compromising on the quality parameters.

Uflex amongst other global competitors:

With an increase in global consumption patterns, the need for environment-friendly packaging was identified. Uflex has gained competitive advantage by providing a differentiating factor in its products. Its dedicated R&D panel continuously upgrade their products according to the current market needs.

Uflex Ltd has posted a net profit of Rs 94 crore for the June quarter. The company’s total income grew 11.3 percent to Rs 1, 912.32 crores for the period.

“Buoyed by the highest-ever quarterly production and sales volumes, Uflex’s overall production volumes grew 11.6 per cent and sales volumes grew 14.9 per cent,” the company’s CFO, Rajesh Bhatia said.

Key focus of Uflex Ltd:

  1. Product
  2. Innovation
  3. Catering client
  4. demands
  5. Leading-edge technology
  6. Conceptualizing, and expanding into new business models.

Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex Limited is positive about the company’s growth.

He stated, “Uflex recognizes its responsibility to the environment. It has been recycling all types of multi-layer packaging waste, in varied combinations and structures, successfully for the past two decades.”

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