Want to study abroad? Here’s all what makes Canada an ideal destination for you!

A fair share of Indian students aspire to study abroad at some point in their life in order to enhance their subject matter understanding and upgrade their resume. For this, the United States has been the most preferred destination for approximately two decades now. However, with factors such as immigration rules, development, and a sharp drop in the graduation to job ratio, Canada has recently surfaced as an ideal destination for Indian students. Don’t believe it? Experts at Visa Expert 24 Immigration Solutions state the major reasons behind this change:

Course Options

The US majorly dominated the education choice of Indian students due to a conventional career approach in domains such as Mathematics, Science, Technology, or Engineering.
However, a recent change in the career choices of students has shifted the preference to Canada as the country has a wide portfolio of courses ranging from professionals degrees to diploma courses for professionals and students.


Education costs, living costs, or daily expenditure – Canada is not only more accessible, but comparatively cheaper than the US. This helps the Indian students from all walks of life to pursue their dream course from multiple globally reputed universities in the country.
On an average, there is a $5000 USD difference in the tuition fees of the US and Canadian universities.

Post-study work permit

Compared to other countries, Indian students can easily apply for a work permit after completing their studies in Canada. For instance, completing a master’s degree from a Canadian University makes a student eligible for a three-year work permit.

In addition, the recent introduction of Student Direct Stream is especially beneficial for legal citizens of India as it enables them to enjoy fast work permit (usually 20 days only) in Canada, provided that they meet the government stated criteria.

Easy PR

Students who wish to work and set up a life in Canada need Permanent Residency (PR). The country has made a name for itself across the globe for approving a PR application in as short as six months if the documents and background check comes out clean with the use of an online system called Express Entry.


Canada has a homely edge for Indian students attached to it as nearly 3-4 per cent of Canadian population is of the Indian origin. With this, the student doesn’t feel ‘not belonged’ or ‘isolated’.

So, has Canada moved up a place in your dream study destination?

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