The untold story of Ratan Tata

One of the leading industrialists of India, Ratan Tata is also a philanthropist by heart. The chairman of Tata Trusts is arguably one of the leading businessmen in the world. He was single-handedly able to take the Tata Group to new heights, as the revenue of the firm kept growing over the years under his leadership.

In the last couple of decades, Ratan Tata has led Tata Group in a comprehensive way by signing the most iconic deals. One such deal was the Jaguar Land Rover acquisition in 2008. The group was also able to take over brands like Tetley tea and British steel. It purchased Anglo-Dutch steel manufacturer Corus Group for $11.3 billion, making it the biggest corporate deal by an Indian.

Ratan Tata has not only empowered the country but also inspired the youth in India to aim for new heights. There are many qualities and life lessons of this entrepreneur that can be incorporated by the young individuals who are passionate to transform the industries. The business tycoon has a history of investing in the startups to tap their potential. He enjoys the company of spirited and enthusiastic youth and has high hopes from the young generation of India.

Known for his great service to the country, Ratan Tata has always believed that the nation building begins with educational upliftment. According to him, making education accessible to the marginalized communities is a must and the Tata group is committed to chart on the same path. It is a leader in the country’s philanthropic services.

It is no secret that Tata Group, led by Ratan Tata was the country’s first wealthy private donor that moved beyond statutory obligations to ensure a more organized and strategic procedure of giving. In order to meet the challenges of philanthropic leadership in a complex world, Ratan Tata is striving to combine the institution-building legacy of his predecessors. The business tycoon has not only availed the opportunities in the field of business time and again, but he’s equally shown a great deal of interest in the development of philanthropy initiatives.

The TATA Group has formed links wherever possible to ensure that the measures remain sustainable in the long run. Ratan Tata dreams of an equal India where the rich and poor have equal opportunities. He has invested in over two dozen startups in the last few years across various sectors, including software, telecom, groceries, fashion and automobiles.

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