Spreading its wings, Indian Drones Sector is Touching New Heights

India has been actively promoting the development and manufacturing of drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as part of its Make in India initiative, which aims to boost the country’s domestic manufacturing sector. In recent years, the Indian government has taken a number of steps to encourage the development of a thriving domestic drone industry. Treading an unknown path with this vision government came up with and released a national drone policy that aims to undertake the establishment of test beds for drone research and development.

One of the key initiatives related to indigenous drone manufacturing in India is the National Drone Policy, which was released in August 2021. The policy provides a framework for the regulation and use of drones in India and aims to encourage the development of the drone industry by providing a clear regulatory environment for drone manufacturers and operators. The importance of not only making UAVs but also establishing a robust drone industry has been clearly demonstrated and emphatically outlined in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war wherein drones have played a crucial disruptive factor, overtaking in importance, key military hardware viz. Tanks, Planes, and even Ships. Clearly showcasing that expensive military hardware is not always the answer but utilizing hardware in inventory is the key to any military action.

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The Indian government has also established test beds for drone research and development, recognizing their importance in the ongoing conflict in various parts of the country, including Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. These test beds are a platform for drone manufacturers and developers to test and demonstrate their offerings and help to accelerate the development and deployment of new drone technologies. Not only will this build the right ecosystem for this niche industry, but also fulfil the demands of an ever-hungry market of drones in India and open up greater avenues for export to other countries in the near future.

In addition to these initiatives, the Indian government has also provided financial support to companies working on the development of indigenous drone technologies. For example, the Ministry of Defence has provided funding to companies working on the development of drones for military and civilian applications. On similar lines, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has provided support for the development of drone technologies to be used in the transportation and logistics sector. Multi-Billion dollar companies such as TATA Advanced Systems Limited, and L&T India – Defense and Aerospace along with other players have stepped into the playing field and are spearheading R&D & manufacturing UAVs in order to fulfil the myriad internal and external Security needs of India.

The Indian government is actively incentivizing the development and manufacturing of drones as part of its Make in India initiative. Slowly but steadily, the government is undertaking steps to build a favorable regulatory environment that provides support to companies working on the development of indigenous drone technologies. That day isn’t far off when we will see India emerge as a dominant drone hub, with a bustling drone industry, that caters to the domestic and international market. This would enable Indian drone makers and overall defense manufacturing stands abreast with the likes of world players viz., France, the UK, Russia, and China.

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