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Rajat Khare, the global investor, founder of Boundary Holding (a deeptech investment firm in Europe) attracted the company earlier. The Luxembourg-based firm evaluated the potential of Elistair’s futuristic tech to support ongoing research

Over the past few years, many industries have seen an increase in the use of UAVs. Tethered UAVs are more suitable for industrial monitoring. UAVs are now able to be used in new ways thanks to the advent of innovative technology. These include traffic monitoring, aerial broadcasting and persistent observation.

Its popularity grew with the advent of tethered, drone technology in the commercial sector. Today, it is an integral part of industrial surveillance operations. A tethered system for drones consists of a power station/base station, a drone tether, as well as the drone which is connected via the tether to the power station. These UAV stations can be operated in rugged environments and perform many tasks. They are suitable for large-scale industry.

Tethered drones may be used for a variety of purposes, but they are most often used for aerial observation and telecommunication. Because of the reliability and security of the cables that are connected to the ground station the UAVs make excellent data capture and live feed transmission. Tethered drones have their limitations, such as limited flight time and difficulty of use.

Their use is growing despite that, with companies like Elistair trying to improve efficiency and productivity in tethered drone markets. The French company makes tethered helicopter systems. To bridge the gap, it provides clients with custom-designed tethered stations. Elistair is primarily suited to industrial needs and was funded in a series A round of funding just a few months ago.

Rajat Khare, the global investor in Boundary Holding attracted the company earlier. The Luxembourg-based fund was one that evaluated the potential of Elistair’s futuristic tech to support ongoing research. Elistair will now be able to expand its UAV business in America and in Europe with the Series B funding.

Tethered UAVs were found to be more efficient in inventory management, indoor Intra-logistics, inspection. UAVs can be used for these applications, as they have a higher potential than traditional inspection methods. They are able to prevent theft and other unwelcome behavior and allow companies to concentrate on other aspects of operations.



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