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Rules to apply for the Investor Visa allowing people to permanently move into New Zealand has been changed. As per the changes implemented, the applicant of an investor Visa must commit to an amount of  $3 Million over a four year’s span, which is twice the amount invested previously. Despite all the significant changes, Rudraksh Group Mohali has come forward to help out immigrants apply for Investors Visa.

Michael Woodhouse, the Immigration Minister of New Zealand, announced the change in Investor Visa for New Zealand in December 2016. Woodhouse stated the change as a move to encourage foreign investors to put in more in the economic growth of New Zealand and deliver larger monetary benefits.

Rudraksh Group states that economic benefits will reflect only at a later stage, while for now, the changes in immigration laws will adversely affect the plans of more than 20,000 immigrants. Nonetheless, the immigration group at the same time, guarantees extending major assistance and successful provision of New Zealand immigration Visa to potential investors.

Key Changes in the Immigration Policy

Rudraksh Group wants you to take note of the key changes implemented in the immigration policy of New Zealand:

  1. The applicant must have spent a minimum of 146 of each investment year (3 Years) in New Zealand.
  2. It is now mandatory for the applicant to have at least 3 years of business experience.
  3. The applicant must be under the age of 65 years while applying for immigration visa.
  4. All the family members of the applicant must be fluent in English.

Investor 1: The investors or applicants falling under this category of immigration policy must have a record of $10 Million invested in 3 years.

Investor 2: The investor falling under this category requires greater level of experience in business and English language to avail more points. Interestingly, the migrants of Investor 2 category would not require possession of $1 million in their settlement funds.

By laying out all the essentials to remember before applying for New Zealand Immigration Visa, Rudraksh Group Mohali additionally ascertains providing great amount of assistance and convenience to applicants in the process of availing immigration Visa to New Zealand.


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