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With app-based taxi services around, you don’t have to worry about traveling home wasted from a bar at the opposite end of the town. Earlier, catching an auto in case of an emergency was difficult. Now, with a few swipes on the phone, you can get a taxi ride to the airport in a few minutes.

Alok Bhartia thinks of it as one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. The requirement pool has expanded the market. Right now, two major contenders in this market are Uber and Ola.

Just like Team Captain America and Team Iron Man, people have aligned themselves with these two transportation network companies. Alok Bhartia took the middle ground like the Black Widow (spoiler alert!) to understand which one is better. His experiences led him to choose Uber over Ola. How? Let’s start by weighing Uber.

The very first Uber ride that Alok Bhartia booked was a downer. The driver sped off somewhere else even after talking to the driver on the phone! However, the customer care was prompt to look into the matter and refund the money. Uber is really good when it comes to customer service. You’ll also love the fact that Uber is more economical than Ola.

The experience was slightly sour in the case of Ola. In a couple of rides, the Ola drivers were quite rude. You’re also charged with a cancellation fine if an Ola driver decides to cancel the ride (which happens a lot!). Moreover, there are frequent glitches in the location tracking feature of the app. Ola really needs to work on its app and services.

So there you have it. Uber is the better of the two. Though, it’s advisable to test the services in your own locality since the quality can differ regionally.


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