Computer-based testing company Prometric has refuted the allegations surrounding their involvement in illegalities reported from NEET-PG test. In a statement issued by Prometric, the company denied of having a hand at the NEET-PG test paper leaks from the administration that was held in December 2016.

The company said that the news hyped by the media regarding the software hacking during the NEET exam was without merit.

The company has provided full support to Delhi Crime Branch in their investigation to prove its non-involvement in the illegalities. Prometric stated that it will continue to support the authorities in their investigation and help resolve the matter. Talking about the termination of the contract with NBE, Prometric said that the move was not the result of the rumors regarding the hacking incident but the result of mutual agreement between both the parties.

Even though it is a challenging situation for Prometric, its officials believe that it was the best step they could have taken after the student upheaval against NEET across India. Some of the students demanded NEET to be scraped, while others demanded a change in timings. Both NBE and Prometric decided to part ways,considering their interest without waiting for the due time.

Authorities from Prometric stated that they had never accepted the false claims of media about the hacking, and yet the media made a mountain out of a molehill. They reiterated that their systems are very secure and that is testimony to the fact that they successfully administrated more than 7 million exams each year on behalf of more than 300 organizations across the globe. The computer-based testing company said that it is eagerly waiting for the final verdict, and confident that it will prove the allegations wrong.

The authorities are still carrying out the investigations, and the truth will be unfolding anytime soon. The media has been found on the wrong side of spectrum many a time –hyping news without waiting for the final verdict. As a result, the reputation of good companies like Prometric is impacted. However, officials of the company stated that with the kind of success they have enjoyed in India, baseless allegations won’t impact its presence in the country.


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