Vikram Singh Pawar calls Dewas people to join him in keeping the city clean

Vikram Singh Puar has been taking various steps towards making the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a successful mission. However, he stands out from the crowd in taking this initiative, as he is on a mission of taking Dewas to the number one position in the cleanliness survey.

Vikram Singh Pawar was born in Dewas, a small city in Madhya Pradesh. He is the son of former minister, late Tukoji Rao Puar. After attaining higher education from London, he returned to his hometown. He believes in serving the public and working for their betterment.

“My dream is not just about making Dewas a clean place. Recently, Madhya Pradesh has been declared as the cleanest state of the country. Now, I want to work towards making Dewas the cleanest town. I am envisioning my birthplace at the top of the list”, he said.

The descendent of the Dewas king was seen taking out a street rally. The rally shouted the slogan in chorus: ‘Kuch Kadam, Kuch Prayas, Swachh Dewas’. The slogan is a request to the people of Dewas to make contributions in keeping Dewas clean.

“We all want to see Dewas cleaner. My team and I are working towards a cleaner Dewas, and I request you all to take little steps in making our mission a success. I need your support for making my dream a reality,” he requested the people.

Vikram Singh Pawar is often seen addressing the grievances of the common public. Moreover, he also takes a keen interest in various development projects for the growth of Dewas. He believes that perfect sanitation makes an ideal town. In accordance, he discussed the significance of sanitation with the people.

He educated the public and said, “Sanitation is important for our health, especially for our children and women. Poor sanitation causes dangerous diseases. It may lead to deaths. I can’t maintain the cleanliness in Dewas alone. It is a responsibility of all of us. Let’s take a pledge and work towards making our town clean and healthy.”

With immense support, Vikram Singh Puar will be successful in his mission really soon.


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