NMC bill pros and cons
NMC bill Pros and Cons

NMC bill pros and cons: A provision of NMC Bill, Bridge Course for Ayush doctors has been creating a lot of controversy among the doctors leading to resident doctors strike. This provision is strongly being opposed as it seeks to allow the homeopathy and Ayush doctors to practice modern medicine or allopathy.

However, there are some strong national medical commission bill features for the Indian government for initiating the National medical commission bill Bridge Course. It aims to create the availability of modern healthcare facilities in the rural areas of India. NMC is predicting that providing basic training of modern medicine to Ayush doctors will be favorable for people residing in rural areas.

Amongst all the contradictory debates, let us discuss the merits and demerits of the Bridge Course for Ayush doctors.

Merits of NMC Bill, Bridge Course for Ayush doctors:

  1. To Allopathy pharmaceuticals: As the Allopathic, Ayurveda and Homoeopathic doctors together will be prescribing allopathy medicines, the revenues for these pharmaceuticals will apparently upsurge.
  2. To rural and tribal people: Indian rural society is deprived of MBBS trained doctors. The main motive of Bridge Course for Ayush doctors is to create an accessibility of trained doctors that will provide integrated treatment and element quackery in these areas. Thousands of Ayush practitioners will help in saving lives by dispensing basic medical service in remote regions and villages.
  3. To medical colleges of India: Since the private Ayush medical colleges of India are a legalised short cut to practice allopathy, they will get more student admissions due to the NMC Bill Bridge Course. Moreover, several Homeopathy colleges are equipped with ‘allopathy’ facilities.
  4. To Ayush Doctors: The Ayush doctors will gain additional knowledge as compared to the Allopathy doctors. Moreover, their reputation will enhance in the society.

Demerits of NMC Bridge Course:

  1. To Allopathy Doctors: The Bridge Course promotes a cross-learning pathway. It is believed that it will undermine the alternative medical streams. It is a denigration of professional and trained allopathic doctors.
  2. To patients: It will lead to the degradation of homoeopathic system of medicine. Moreover, the patients will receive substandard medical services.
  3. To Ayush doctors: The medical profession of homeopathy is likely to lose its charm, if it will integrate the allopathic medicines as well. Moreover, studying one system and practicing other is unethical.
  4. To Medical Profession: The Bridge Course for Ayush doctors will have a tremendous negative impact on medical profession and will give rise to corruption in the medical field.

Amongst all the NMC bill pros and cons, the NMC bill status is still in middle of any decision in the NMC Bill Bridge Course.


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