Dr Ashwani Maichand

Dr Ashwani Maichand, a well-known Delhi-based orthopaedist was honoured with ‘Doctor of the year Award’ by the International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) on 25th Feb 2018. Recognising the efforts of Dr Ashwani Maichand, the worldwide organization of IHRO in association with Pug Mark Tiger Care Foundation honoured the experienced medic for showing great dedication and commitment during the last decade.

The International human rights organization advances action on human rights issue for the citizens. All of its work is dedicated towards creating a better world for the future of humanity.

The award comes as no surprise, as Dr Ashwani Maichand has been leading the way in joint replacement and arthroscopy in India in the last few years. Till date, he has performed more than 6,000 joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries. He brings with him, a rich experience of orthopaedics. He has had the privilege of working with the masters of joint replacement and arthroscopy in India and abroad.

The journey of Dr Maichand started from Govt Medical College at Rohtak in 1987. After completing his graduation, he moved to SMS College Jaipur. He pursued his MCH in 2009 from American institute of medicine. He has had the privilege of working as consultant orthopaedic surgeon in joint replacement unit of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. His special interest lies in minimal access orthopaedic surgery including the MIS joint replacement.

Apart from this, he has had success in performing cemented, non-cemented, hybrid total hip replacement and ceramic total hip replacement surgeries. The award received by Dr Ashwani Maichand reflects his expertise and commitment towards his profession. Over the years, he has handled a number of emergency cases. Through MIS technique, he has performed complex surgeries on several patients of different age groups, who recover quickly and perform all kinds of activities. The patients have never reported any complications.

The worldwide organization of IHRO in association with Pug Mark Tiger Care Foundation have honoured many doctors in the past, who have taken big strides and performed above expectations. The‘Doctor of the year Award’ award is not only meant to honour a particular doctor, but it is given to encourage other medics to lead by example and understand their responsibility towards the society.


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