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In its attempt to keep a check on the use of plastic, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has started installing plastic bottle crushers at major suburban stations. Along with plastic bottles, they will also crush the disposable items like cups, plates, etc. Crushers have already been installed at Mumbai CSMT, Kalyan, Mumbai Central, Dadar and LTT.
Furthermore, the railway authority has decided to take strict action against anyone found using plastic. IRCTC is also formulating a scheme to offer Re 1 to the passengers who bring back Rail Neer water bottles to a station stall.
Supporting the laws pertaining to plastic ban, private players and railway contractors like RK Associates by Rajeev Mittal are looking forward to revamp their packaging for Railway catering.
“Multiple meetings have been had with catering/vending licences; they have been told that use of banned items in any form for serving/packing will not be allowed. Stationmaster and ticket checkers have been given the authority to inspect and fine all those violating the ban,” a senior official said.
The authority is looking forward to replace the disposable items with paper cups, paper plates, and cardboard spoons. Apart from this, plastic wrapping will also be replaced by butter paper or aluminium foil.
Currently, a number of water vendors and food plaza operators use plastic glasses to serve water, tea and cold drinks to passengers. IRCTC has already informed them about the plastic ban.
“We are in the process of streamlining the replacement the plastic glasses, wafer covers and everything that is banned,” said an official.
As per the new law, no loose items like Chana, Chiwda, etc, will be sold at the railway stalls in plastic pouches, say experts at RK Associates. Over the last few days, railway officials have been inspecting all the inventory to keep a check on the use of plastic or thermacol.
A ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ manual stating the laws regarding the use of plastic products is also to be introduced by the railway authorities. It will list out the plastic products which are to be banned completely by food stalls.
“We had time June as the deadline for the plastic ban. We are in the process of replacing plastic glasses, wafer covers and everything that is being banned,” said a senior rail official.


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