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Refugees are often deemed as a drain on the society. They are usually singled out in terms of help, which places them at the bottom of the labour market. However, contrary to the common belief, these expatriates have a well-documented history of propagating productivity in the host countries.

Shantanu Prakash, Educomp, R VenturesShantanu Prakash, founder of R Ventures Foundation, a registered not-for-profit foundation and Archish Mittal, Executive Director of the Foundation aim to promote integration of refugees in different host countries. The foundation organised the first ever conference to bring together all stakeholders for entrepreneurship amongst refugees and displaced persons – addressing the issues, opportunities and potential of refugees in different countries.

The idea for the organization was conceived at TedxZaventem, where Shantanu Prakash, member of Global Futures Council on Migration at World Economic Forum (WEF) gave a talk about refugee entrepreneurship.

The discussion opened by Shantanu Prakash addressed diverse issues like the challenges faced by refugee entrepreneurs, the role of private sector in developing a Refugee Support Ecosystem and the role of policy makers in impacting refugees.

The seminar witnessed great participation of people from all walks of life. Various prominent business leaders, policymakers, refugee entrepreneurs and journalists were invited as the speakers, panellists and audience. They identified the ways in which the private sector, public sector, media, and refugees could meet the challenges and bring about a much-needed change.

The event culminated with the announcement of the establishment of a Refugee Business Incubator in Heidelberg by R Ventures Foundation. The company invited all the parties interested in this project to contribute by giving time, funds, expertise, contacts, and networks, and suggesting refugee entrepreneurs for admission. It garnered considerable help and support from different panellists.

Bayer Foundation invited the budding refugee entrepreneurs to get in touch with them for seed capital. Al Arabiya offered to train refugee entrepreneurs in how to effectively tell their story, and Deutsche Welle offered media internships. At the end of the conclave, R Ventures called on all the participants to make specific commitments to implement the Action Agenda and promote growth and camaraderie amongst the entrepreneur community devoid of any discrimination.

Educomp Shantanu Prakash In his attempt to encourage and support entrepreneurship among refugees, Shantanu Prakash has also tied up with a number of renowned corporations, think tanks, policy makers, educational institutions and foundations. Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO), MediaTenor, Invictus Capital, Netherlands Business Academy (NLBA), Mentally Fit Institute (MFI), Nobel Peace Prize Committee, and Gratias Partners, are just to name a few.

The outlook by RVentures ought to provide an impetus to organizations and host countries, amid the growing migration from war-torn countries. However, an inclusive policy still is a node of contention amongst many, the work by RVentures and similar organizations could help build a more umbrella societies.


  1. Commendable on the part of Shantanu Prakash to think so much for the refugees. These people really need help in terms of finance and resources.

  2. Really impressed by the conceptualization of R Ventures. I think we really need more such companies to help the minorities and deprived sections.

    • Could help with Syrian Refugees and European refugee crisis. If only the governments in EU and US come up with a similar solution. Integrating refugees can provide a bevy of opportunities for their aging population.

      • I’ve been following Mr Prakash from quite some time now. He seem to be a man of great wits….really impressed by his contribution to the country’s education sector. Highly appreciated that he think so much for the refugees.

        • The condition of Syrian kids in refugee camps is deplorable. From conditioned societies and a semblance of a future ahead, they’ve been dragged to mere existence and survival. Their homes taken, their schools burnt. Hope initiatives like that of Shantanu Prakash reach these kids fast.
          Perhaps an inclusive sense of humanity through education would make a better world for these kids.

        • Beautiful Mr Shantanu Prakash. Though not a refugee, I can relate to them. They need education and a chance to fight poverty. They need entrepreneurship.

          • Education, assimilation and growth. The idea to be scared of refugees might not hold much of a problem post these methods.

  3. Refugees contribute to the economy in a number of ways, as taxpayers, consumers, workers, investors and even as entrepreneurs. Mr Prakash is indeed doing a great job in promoting their welfare and changing everyone’s outlook towards them.

    • It is really shameful that refugees are still placed at the bottom of the labour market and singled out in terms of help. Need for more such initiatives to promote their welfare.

  4. There have been several instances of enterprising refugees creating a lot of employment, wealth, along with boosting trade and investment. They definitely deserve opportunities to grow.

    • It’s sound great that he is building a platform for refugee’s success and for refugee entrepreneurship through his company RVentures Foundation. Impressive

        • Simple enough to grasp. Refugees have nothing coming into a new economy. Thus, they have to hustle and grow – while they steer their host country’s economy. Just ask #GaryVee


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