Endeavor along with other investors invested $10 million initial round of funding, powering the Artificial- intelligence start-ups developments of AI tools which includes machinery to that scans and detects fake media and photos.

For San Francisco based AI foundation it is the first outside funding. The round was led by Peter Thiel founder of Fund venture capital firm and marketing tech organization You and Mr. Jones along, He along with Biz Stone, founder of Twitter along with Endeavor & Movie producer cum Founder & CEO of Macro Charles D.King participated in the funding round.

AI foundation, start-up was established on ambitious dual mission of creating both free artificial intelligence to thwart the negative effects of the AI technology and to anticipate and counter the risk of AI proliferation.

AI Foundation recently introduced the first phase of Reality Defender software to run alongside with web browsing, helping in detecting fake media. This technology will work like Antivirus software, which will protect and scan every image, video and other source of media which runs fake stories on their websites. Through AI driven analysis techniques, it will also detect alteration and Artificial generation.

Commenting on the latest development in his organization, Lars Butler, CEO AI Foundation said “his start-up mission is to central align the dual role of nonprofit and commercialization” Adding “ Bringing personal AI to everyone opens up a new world of personal media forever transforming sectors like entertainment and communications”.

Butler also explained AI foundation with Endeavor stating “ The talent and media agency represents “ many great stars, people who can move around the world”, endeavor have a very high interest in Artificial intelligence as what it can do the development of the world.

Echoing with Butler, Rob Meadows, CTO AI Foundation said- “Reality defender works today as a browser similar to ad blocker, the goal is to have the technology adopted as a way to alert users when they come across fake media on the web.

With the funding Cyan Banister and David Jones, Founders of You and Mr Jones, have joined the board of AI Foundation, additional to them Biz Stone, Founder of twitter has joined the startups Global AI Council advisory group working on researching and evaluating how AI can move humanity forward as well anticipate and counter risks involved in it.

Adding to Butler in a prepared statement Biz Stone said -“The potential to recognize the true promise of AI and to amplify the best traits of humanity are the driving values of The AI Foundation, the recognition and proactive approach to the possible negative impact of this technology is also reassuring”.

Butler also added” AI Foundation will also announce commercial products in the next few months, which will be based on the decentralized artificial intelligence technology. Currently we have team of 25 people consisting of mostly engineers and scientists. Currently our “focus will be commercial development and applications that naturally come out of the foundational technologies we are developing.







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