Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s action was said be a ricochet move for Tim cook’s comment.

With the news of dispute between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, there were rumors affirming the tension between the two. Apparently, it was reported that Zuckerberg forced his employees to switch from Apple owned iPhones, to an Android device. The social media company has, however, denied any such act.

The privacy related comment, made by Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, is said to be the reason behind Zuckerberg’s infuriation. Cook said in an MSNBC interview. “Privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty.

The privacy concerns were raised, keeping in mind the recent New York Times (NYT) investigation into controversies surrounding Facebook, over the past two years, including the Cambridge Analytical scandal, Russian meddling. The investigation also revealed the feud between Zuckerberg and Cook, the two most influential business names. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, was critical of Mark Zuckerberg’s approach towards user privacy.

The direct criticism by Mr Cook made Mr Zuckerberg irate, who in return ordered his management team to use only Android phones, since the operating system has more user base than Apple.

Facebook also released an official statement after the NYT article, stating that the company has encouraged its management to use Android because of it being “the most popular operating system in the world”, making the feud speculations irrelevant.

“Tim Cook has consistently criticized our business model and Mark has been equally clear he disagrees. So there’s been no need to employ anyone else to do this for us. And we’ve long encouraged our employees and executives to use Android, the statement said.


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